Dancing On Ice - Week Four

When we first heard of the dance genre theme for this week we had our doubts, normally a theme means watered down routines and gimmicks… we couldn’t have been more wrong. Easily the best ever stand alone episode of Dancing On Ice, and that’d including every final. The talents got better and better with each performance and for once we agree with Jason… a lot!

Kyran & Nina
“Rock N’ Roll”

Kyran and Nina delivered a fast paced and powerful performance with some big lifts and tricks showcasing his strength and stability on the ice, something he always pulls off with apparent ease. His speed during his technical skating is great, smooth and consistent but the moment choreography is introduced it becomes very disjointed and slows down the whole routine. He didn't look comfortable and lacked confidence this week but it was clear that they did try to take on the dance style as best they could.

Scored | 31.5 |
Our Score | 7.5 |

Suzanne & Matt

We admit it, we MAY have been slightly distracted at the beginning of this routine, it wasn’t Matt’s bum in those wonderful white tights (possibly leggings)… honest. However just a few moments into the routine we were completely focused, spellbound, mesmerised by the beautiful choreography and graceful Suzanne. We could continue to lavish the compliments but surely the fact our vision was sway for the aforementioned professional bum is the biggest compliment of all. Perfecting the ballet techniques came at the price of the skating for them this week though, which was reflected in the scores from two of the judges… can’t help thinking this may have scored higher a little later on in the running order though.

Scored | 33 |
Our Score | 8.5 |

Gareth & Brianne

When you think ‘street’ you don’t think Gareth Gates, not even ironically, as he said, he’s definitely more ‘sweet than street’, but that being said he did a great job. He executed the choreography with the enthusiasm of Buster Bolero chasing a ball (lets all take a moment to appreciate how cute Brianne and Matt Lapinskas puppy is… awww) Brianne has given Gareth the confidence that he needed, you can really tell that they have been putting in the work.

Scored | 28 |
Our Score | 7 |

Bonnie & Andrei

We could simply copy and paste last week’s blog. Again amazing performance levels, but very little solo skating. Lovely start to the routine but as it progressed Bonnie looked more out of her comfort zone and it became timid. The lifts were yet again fantastic, Bonnie looked beautiful and poised. Compared to the other celebrities Bonnie still looks very nervous, perhaps more so as the weeks go by, we think if she managed to subdue the butterflies that original spark will soon come back.

Scored | 27.5 |
Our Score | 6.5 |

Sam & Vicky

Sam is always so full of personality on the ice, quick, smooth and perfectly in tune with Vicky. The step sequence was great and all the Bhangra nuances were sustained throughout, complimenting the routine rather than being forced into it. After the unfortunate skate-off in their week 1 it seems Sam & Vicky are finally beginning to relax again and look as though they’re enjoying performing much more without any pressures.

Scored | 34.5 |
Our Score | 8.5 |

Zaraah & Andy

Andy is the perfect partner for Zaraah, he allows her to show off her individual skating whilst still maintaining a connection of sorts. They really got into their roles and pulled off the important elements of the style of dance. Despite a fantastic skate, off the ice it seemed as though her confidence had been effected by being in the skate-off the previous week which is a real shame. Unfortunately they found themselves in the skate off again, they delivered a beautiful routine with calm and precision, just like Jason, they’d have got our vote.

Scored | 32 |
Our Score | 8 |

Beth & Lukasz

The first big wow of the night. A routine that had everything. The lifts were once again impressive, we’re starting to wonder what they could possibly come up with next! Beth’s solo skating has really come on leaps and bounds this time around and with her blossoming confidence it’s only a matter of time before the 10’s come their way. We’re really loving this partnership, so well matched, a finally tuned duo. Previously Beth has been critisised for not showing enough personality on the show but with Lukasz and his kilt flashing ways it’s really starting to shine through.

Scored | 36.5 |
Our Score | 9 |

Hayley & Dan

We don’t think there’s a dance style more suited to Hayley & Dan, the perfect routine. Jam packed from start to finish showcasing Hayley at her very best. Polished to near perfection, the characterisation was fantastic and sustained throughout all the fancy footwork and complicated lifts. Just like the judges (and slightly worryingly Hayley) we forgot there was even ice beneath their feet! This is the first time this series we’ve been fully wowed by this duo, definitely worth the wait and no doubt the beginning of plenty more.

Scored | 38 |
Our Score | 9.5 |

Ray & Maria

We could lavish compliments, string together adjectives and turn our awe into words, so we will. The skating and the performance was incredible. The flamenco was phenomenal. It was one of those routines you happily watch time and time again, it never losing it’s wow. A perfect routine and the perfect score. We’ve thought long and hard about how Ray could possibly get any better, finally we figured it out, shirtless… it’s the only way.

Scored | 40 |
Our Score | 10 |

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