Dancing On Ice - Week Six

Well what an opening that was, a real treat for the eyes. The opening numbers this year really have lived up to the all star hype. Can you believe it’s week 6 already, it’s going far too fast for our liking! No rule changes or voting gimmicks this week, just a straightforward skate for the votes, just how we like it. Normally the theme weeks can be a little cheesy and detract from some of the routines, but not this week. The costumes were incredible, huge kudos to the team behind the scenes this week, we loved it.

Suzanne & Matt
“Lets Hear It For The Boys”

A fast paced and energetic performance with Suzanne and Matt giving great characterisation throughout. We actually agreed with Jason ever so slightly on this one, it did seem more novelty over content in parts… which is oddly the way Nicky Slater came across too. Suzanne is capable of so much more, we’ve seen it with our very own eyes, however we still loved it, even Matts wig. The running sequence looked great and there was some technically difficult footwork in there. They weren’t as speedy over the ice as we’ve come to expect however the lift exits looked much more secure and controlled.

Scored | 32.5 |
Our Score | 8 |

Sam & Vicky
“Radio Ga Ga”

The skate-off, again? Really? General public, get your act together and start voting for talent. Completely disagree with Jason (we feel much more content with life when that happens) Sam really let go and got into character this week, it’s plain for everyone to see how much Sam and Vicky enjoyed skaing that routine. Sam has previously looked uncertain in prior weeks struggling with some of the bigger lifts but seems to have found more core strength and looked a lot more sure and certain. Nice lines from Sam with plenty of strong solo skating and so in tune with Vicky, their chemistry never fails to translate.

Scored | 31.5 |
Our Score | 8.5 |

Gareth & Brianne

Gareth put everything he had into that routine! By far their best routine of the series so far and once again marked improvement. He’s slower over the ice than most other competitors but you can tell he’s really pushing himself to compete with the others. Brianne certainly knows how to bring out the best in Gareth who looked confident and sure footed in his solo skating and showed surprising strength through some pretty impressive lifts. Sorry to see this duo leave, but they sure went out on a high.

Scored | 29 |
Our Score | 7.5 |

Hayley & Dan
“Here Comes The Rain Again”

Wow, it’s not very often you see Hayley on the ice without a big grin on her face, but we loved it. This may be slightly controversial but it possibly is our favourite ever ‘Daley’ routine (yes, above Jai Ho). This routine was full of passion and had us mesmerised all the way through. Great rhythm and wonderfully executed. Hayley and Dan were born to skate together. We loved the side pencil lift at the end. A quiet start to the series for this pair but in recent weeks they’re really showing why they’re one of the most loved former champions.

Scored | 36.5 |
Our Score | 9.5 |

Ray & Maria

We gave some excellent advice that the only way Ray could possibly improve was to skate topless, now it wasn’t quite bare chest but we’ll take it. Whenever Ray skates we forget we’re watching a celebrity in action, everything about his performance screams professional. So fast and fluid over the ice the only thing we can find to fault is Nicky Slaters score, we BOO at him from our keyboard! Another phenomenal performance from Ray and Maria made to look effortless. We know Ray can pull of fast and furious but we’d love to see an emotive performance from him next week, or the week after, or the week after that, he’ll be around long enough to treat us to one at some point.

Scored | 39.5 |
Our Score | 10 |

Kyran & Nina
“I Want To Know What Love Is”

Kyran seemed much more confident this week both on and off the ice, it’s amazing what a duel win can do. A skilful and graceful performance this week from the big man. The candle lift was stunning and there was such strength demonstrated in the final spinning lantern. A few little mistakes but he remained committed to the feel and emotion of the routine so we barely noticed them.

Scored | 33 |
Our Score | 8 |

Beth & Lukasz
“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

We had horrible visions of Jason making some sort of quip about her not looking like she wanted to have fun but just moments into the routine it was obvious even he couldn’t get that impression. We’ve said it before but Lukasz has been such an inspired pairing for Beth, he really does bring out the best in her, it’s really nice to see him being able to show us what he can really do too. Plenty of daring lifts and those splits at the end looked both perfect and painful! We loved the mini off-ice section too, yes as Nicky said it isn’t exactly dancing on ice, but it’s all about the overall performance and it definitely added an extra bit of wow.

Scored | 34.5 |
Our Score | 9 |

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