SCD - Week Six

Halloween week is always the week where the props, make-up and costume department shine! This year was no different. Intro's done, it was time for the couples to get their spook on...

Sunetra & Brendan

We’re at the midway point in the series now and Sunetra’s Strictly journey has been a slow and steady progress, improving as the weeks go by. This Jive was initially promising but lost some of its drive as it went on. By no means perfect, but a very good effort all the same. Sunetra has a beautiful top line with divine movement in her arms. Footwork was flat and needed to be up on the balls of her feet more. Kicks and flicks were just not sharp enough. Sunetra is naturally a graceful woman, and it is that which took over this dance.

Our Score | 7 |

Alison & Aljaz

Alison’s top half was very good with some lovely movement in her arms, which was relevant to the routine. Side by side was all very nice and expressive but sadly was lacking movement in hold. Overall the dance was missing float, which was largely down to Alison’s footwork. Still, was a fun and charming routine.

Our Score | 7 |

Simon & Kristina

A creepy Paso Doble – Simon, who’s surname is rather appropriately ‘Webbe’, caught up in a web and Kristina in a spidery clad catsuit wanting to sink her fangs into Simon! A strong and convincing performance from Simon. Full of attitude, pace and some extremely good shaping. Footwork was however inconsistent and the routine as a whole was missing the attention to detail.

Our Score | 8 |

Steve & Ola

Steve came across as being preoccupied, he was too busy thinking of nailing the lifts and it compromised his footwork and technique. Unfortunately the lifts themselves were not neat and the routine was missing that bounce and swivel. Timing throughout was off but the timing in the kick section was on the money. While Steve did go wrong, he did keep it together and carried on going, for that he deserves to be commended. A fun and quirky routine but overly complicated for a Charleston.

Our Score | 6 |

Pixie & Trent

This was one terrific Tango, perfectly showcasing Pixie and Trent’s electrifying chemistry. Full of attitude and lots of personality from Pixie with plenty of leg on show! There was so much content and the steps were absolutely brilliant. A true Tango in every sense and another routine of Pixie’s high standard.

Our Score | 9 |

Judy & Anton

An American Smooth to a theme of 101 Dalmatians but also looking like it could have fitted right in to the jazz age. Judy nailed the character Cruella De Vil and the Dalmatians really did look petrified. Noticeable signs of improvement in Judy’s top line which was good to see. Despite Bruno’s rather rude comment, Judy is at least trying and is working hard.

Our Score | 5 |

Jake & Janette

A mean and moody Paso Doble and another commanding performance from Jake. Jake was strong and gave it plenty of attack, his cape work was very good but his hands were flat and his shaping could have been more expressive. Jake admitted he had difficulties with this number, but that didn’t stop him from throwing himself into the routine and giving it everything he had. The energy never let up and the characterisation came naturally.

Our Score | 8 |

Caroline & Pasha

Craig thought this Samba number was too frenetic, but I thought that little bit of craziness gave something extra and added to the dance. Totally loved the song choice, “Le Freak” by Chic, an absolute disco classic. Caroline has great legs and she used them perfectly. Hips were flowing, feet were well placed and the disco stroke Samba moves were completely on the money. I didn’t care about the arm work, as a performance it was such good fun. In the spirit of Halloween and playing zombies, I think you’re allowed to over do it!

Our Score | 9 |

Scott & Joanne

This creepy and kooky Foxtrot was Scott’s best dance on Strictly. Once Joanne got him upright and out of hunch there was a neat and tidy top line and his footwork was quite good. This was a much more rounded performance from Scott. It was a smooth looking Foxtrot, but just lacked glide and the lifts and spins were a little messy. Wonderful choreography from Joanne, a stupendously fun routine. For work ethic Scott is up there with the best, he really tries so hard, a pity the judges didn’t pick up on that rather than just laughing and being insulting, BRUNO!

Our Score | 6 |

Mark & Karen

Mark was light on his feet, his kicks and flicks were sharp, the timing was right on, this was brilliance. Their Jive was packed full of content – jumps, handstands and Mark really got into the nerdy character he was portraying. The pace never let up once and both Mark and Karen were together in sync from beginning to end. These past couple of weeks Mark has improved massively, he is a good dancer, full of confidence and a joy to watch.

Our Score | 9 |

Frankie & Kevin

For me this epitomised Halloween week on Strictly Come Dancing. The best dance, best choreography, best routine, best costumes, best makeup, TOTALLY WICKED!!! Frankie has worked hard on her top line and she produced some beautiful shapes. Footwork was placed to perfection and the Tango moves were superb. Duly earned the first FAB-U-LOUS of the series from Craig and their second 10.

Our Score | 10 |

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