BBUK - The Launch Part Two.

Launch night number two began with what we assumed, refreshingly, was a recap without showing us everything we’d seen the night previous… we got too happy too soon. 10 minutes later and we finally saw some fresh action, clearly not much happened that first night. Time to throw in six more!

Housemate No.11Toya A Washington

29 – London – Video Blogger
She auctioned off her ex boyfriends possessions on eBay.
She’s passionate about herself.
She doesn’t get into fights because she was bullied.

Her Mama didn’t raise no fool so don’t toy with TOYa unless you want all your worldly possessions auctioned off on eBay. It’ll be interesting to see who she becomes friends with in the house, will she be team girl and rub them the wrong way with her no nonsense attitude?

Housemate No.12Chris R Wright

33 – Hampshire – Actor
Is going into the house for the free rent.
He’s very polite.
He has a very dry sense of humour.

Our polite little entirely vanilla cupcake of comedy with a NORMAL size ego. That’s because he’s one of the few who has not walked straight off a catwalk. He’s naturally funny, a little bit grumpy and has a funny shaped head, what’s not to like?

Housemate No.13Ashleigh Coyle

18 – Derry – School Leaver
She lives on a council estate and says it pushes her to achieve more.
She’s a vegetarian and big fundraiser for animal charities.
If modeling fails she wants to own a wedding planning business.

She was just 3, yes 3, when the first ever BB began! That alone should give us reason to hate her, add in the fact she’s bloody beautiful and bam! But somehow we don’t, she’s adorable. Baby of the house couldn’t be sweeter unless she had hundreds and thousands sprinkled all over her. Not sure that the Northern Irish nipper can handle the seedy hellhole where dreams die.

Housemate No.14Marlon Wallen

22- Croydon – ‘Wild Boy’
Spends all his money on his appearance and clubbing.
He’d rather have money than love.
His alter ego is called Marlicio Silver.

Despite the arrogance and blatant womanizing ways we can’t help but like him. His wild boy ways will either make him loved or loathed, it’s going to be a very fine line.

Housemate No.15Ash Harrison

26 – Manchester – Model
Says his look have given him an easy life.
Is a big party boy.
Still lives at home with his mum as he enjoys her cooking.

Oh look, a model. We’ll take him seriously when he has a half decent haircut. Gets by on his look, is ‘well known’ on the Manchester party scene… by rights we should hate him, in fact he should scream wannabe! But somehow his laid back, slick attitude endears him.

Housemate No.16Jale Karaturp

33 – Surrey – Customer Adviser
She likes to rant about most things.
Lives on her own because she can’t live with other people.
Has a strong political view on benefits and unemployment.

NORMAL PERSON ALERT. Jale has an actual job, like, a real one! For this reason alone we’re going to crown an early favourite, she even loves to rant just like us.

Once they'd made it down those stairs without breaking any limbs it was time for Pauline to hand Helen a pass to the final! They both seemed pretty delighted with it. The fun did't end there though, oh no, twist two was revealed. On Sunday Pauline will pick someone as the unlucky recipient for her 'killer nomination' where they'll face eviction EVERY SINGLE TIME! It couldn't be more amazing (assuming she picks someone we approve of).

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