TOWIE - TOWIM Special, Part 2.

Part 2 of the TOWIE, TOWIM special went true to form. Like all good second installments of the show it had flirting, arguments, drink throwing, make-ups and break-ups. Here’s things we learnt from part 2…

1. Arg can ruin any nice evening by just being Arg.
2. The term GC is not fetch.
3. Nobody in the history of people with a penis just lay on top of each other and cuddle. Their pants probably just fell off too.
4. Ferne was staring in her very own version of ‘Where’s Wally?’
5. After much deliberation we’ve come to the conclusion we’d risk a kiss from a seasick Tom.
6. Things between Chloe and Ferne escalated quicker than Dan taking his shirt off. The tailored insult ‘You need to eat more’ and the universal classic ‘Fuck off you slag’.
7. Vas has to go on trend… seriously.
8. Ricky was rocking another splendid shirt. He scores an impressive 8.5 for his Marbella shirt collection.
9. Charlie is slowly morphing more and more into Leo in Wolf of Wall Street… in stylistic terms.
10. Dan might as well have just ripped his shirt off and had the words ‘throw a drink at me’ written on his chest.
11. Jasmin needs to work on her aim. She got great volume but struggled directing her coverage. Lessons from Danielle could benefit.
12. Harry did sleep with his ex… shocker.
13. Chloe declared the strawberries and champagne on the beach were really romantic, whilst wiping her hand on Elliotts’ leg.
14. Frans’ weird obsessive hatred of Ferne is just getting creepy awkward now.
15. Sad Bobby makes us sad.
16. The scene with Chloe and Elliott getting frisky in the sand was possibly one of the cheesiest things we’ve ever had to witness. The manly stance, the music… all that was missing was a string quartet.
17. Cherne are back on!

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