MTV Ex On The Beach - Episode Seven

They certainly saved the best until last, well not quite last but almost last, assuming next weeks isn’t better, although it probably will be. They certainly saved one of the best until near the last! Here’s 21 things we learnt from the penultimate episode…

1. Joss doesn’t even flinch when Hulk Ash comes flying at him.
2. Marco and Ash are the new Ant and Dec – if Ant and Dec had tattoos and matching hair.
3. Ash is deep. Deeper than Barry White. Deeper than Katie Price bent over. He’s deep.
4. Getting fingered off Jack is apparently the perfect way to get over someone. Maybe they’ll put that sentiment on a greeting card.
5. Vicky is buzzing like an old fridge.
6. If you ever want a good bitch with legendary hilarity, call Vicky.
7. No matter how many cushions and candles you put down in a graveyard it will never be romantic – unless you’re Ross and Shelby.
8. A few hours is an appropriate amount of time to move on for Chloe and Ash.
9. The dictionary of Ross. Beat and delete. Fuck and chuck. We imagine there’s plenty more.
10. Liam was bang on form.
11. Even we nearly shit our pants with the tension levels on that beach.
12. Ricci is a dickhead.
13. Ricci is pathetic.
14. Ricci is that weird stain you find on bed sheets in cheap hotels.
15. We don’t like Ricci.
16. Liam is no longer Chief Stirrer he is now the King of Enlightenment.
17. We’ve fallen in love with Dan even more.
18. Ricci needs a translator.
19. Chloe gave up trying to be a girls girls pretty quickly.
20. Talitha cheated on Joss!
21. The voiceover man is brilliant.

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