INTERVIEW - Liam Lewis (Ex On The Beach)

It's no secret we're slightly obsessed with MTV show Ex On The Beach so when we got the opportunity to speak to our favourite stirrer Liam we had plenty to ask him...

What made you want to take part in the show?
I’d seen the advert and it was advertised as a summer of love, six singles living together in a villa. Obviously that was appealing straight away. Then there was the cruel twist of the exs’ that we had no idea about. Just living abroad in paradise with a load of girls appeals to any lad I think.

When did it first dawn on you that the exs’ was the big twist?
Not straight away. The first ex to come in was Ross and he’d had a little bit of history with Chloe but they weren’t proper exs’ so we didn’t really think too much of that at first, we just thought ‘oh probably a little bit of a coincidence’. Then on day three Frankie got dropped in and that was Marcos’ proper ex so it was ‘yep we’ve all been stitched up here’.

Were you worried?
I wouldn’t say worried but obviously a little bit apprehensive because like we’ve all said they’re exs’ for a reason. My exs’, I don’t really want anything to do with them. It just felt like it was a massive spoiler; we weren’t really there for that. I personally just thought ‘ah bugger it’.

You became ‘chief stirrer’ fairly early on, why was that?
It probably was a bit of boredom to be honest. We were having a class time and doing all sorts of different activities and that but obviously I was there to meet a girl. It wasn’t going to plan, pardon the phrase, but it was all a bit of a cock block because all the girls were exs’ of someone, so it was like ‘oh god how am I going to pull here’. Ash and Marco were more bothered about their hair and what they were wearing than having a bit of banter so I just thought I’d go and mix things up a bit; cause a bit of drama.

What stirring are you most proud of?
That’s a good question! Erm, probably the Frankie bits. She just bit so much. On the show you only see little snippets of it all but that went on all day, she was absolutely raging. If she’d have said ‘nah you’re lying’ then that would probably have been the end of it, the fact she kicked off so much made it all the more funny really.

You’ve made it clear you’re not the biggest fan of Ash and Marco, is that still the case or was it just confined to the show?
Whilst we were there yeah I wasn’t a fan of them whatsoever, I didn’t have any time for them, they’re not the sorts of lads I hang around with. I like lads you can have a bit of banter with and that type of thing. Since the show, it’s took a while like, the show was filmed seven months ago so there’s been a lot of time to catch-up doing things for MTV, we’ve got to know each other a bit more and we’re a lot more friendly now and we do get on.

We’ve seen you go on a few dates with Emily that didn’t go too well, why do you think that was?
I don’t know, when Emily isn’t on a date and it’s everyone together she’s so funny, so witty and her banter is really good, we got on really well. But when we went on the dates she was like dead tense and stuff, she had a wall up so it was really hard to get her to break that down. Maybe she fancied us a little bit and was nervous, that’s what I’ve said to her.

You went of a date with Talitha that went a bit better, but still no romance, were you disappointed?
Talitha, she’s gorgeous and stuff and I did fancy her but obviously she was with Ash so I felt a little bit harsh if I tried to make a move or anything. I didn’t really want to put Talitha in that situation because she actually genuinely liked Ash. Emily was a bit uptight whereas Talitha was dead outgoing and just went along with things.

What has it been like watching the show back?
Funny… hilarious, just watching all the stirring and how people react. It’s totally different watching it back to how it all happened. A lot more goes on and you don’t see all the little bits and bobs but it’s been really good to watch back. I think it’s totally different to anything else on TV isn’t it, a lot more drama involved, and it’s been good.

What’s the reaction been like from people on the streets and places like twitter?
Crazy, absolutely crazy. Before the show started I had like 5000 followers and now I’ve got 60 odd thousand, that shows how much the show has blew up and everywhere I go now I get recognised, they’re like ‘you’re the stirrer’. To say I’ve caused loads of havoc and loads of arguments fans seem to enjoy it.

There’s only a couple of episodes left now, what can we expect? Plenty more drama?
I can guarantee the episodes get better and better now. Also when Ricci comes its just absolute carnage. Vicky hates him with a passion, she makes that quite clear. He comes out the water with a bang, Vicky instantly reacts to him. The thing was me and Vicky were really good mates in the house so I made the decision that I didn’t want to make any effort with Ricci for the simple reason I didn’t want to upset Vicky. She’s become like a loyal friend and I didn’t want to cross that path and because I do that it just creates so much trouble. It’s going to be good to watch.

Once the show is over can we expect to see you on our TV again or do you have other plans?
Hopefully series two will come along, there’s nothing confirmed yet, MTV haven’t given anything away, but fingers crossed I’ll be on series two stirring things up again. If not hopefully I’ll be on TV in another capacity, it’s a waiting game now.

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