MTV Ex On The Beach - Episode Six

There are only two episodes left! What the bugger are we going to do with our Tuesday nights when it’s all over? It makes us sad to think about that so for now we’ll concentrate on the corking that was episode 6, here’s 19 we learnt…

1. If you get asked a question in Spanish and you answer in English everyone will understand everything – apparently.
2. ‘Do you know what I mean’; we know what you mean Rossy. Please don’t ask us again.
3. There were some weird fancy dress outfits. We think Ash was a ballerina emerging from a top hat and Joss was a transvestite matador.
4. Jack was at it again, ‘Joss let me smell ya fingers’ ah the romance.
5. Ross and Joss like to share.
6. Everyone seems to dump Joss for other guys. Poor pretty Joss.
7. Vicky has very reserved first impressions of people ‘not only is she boring she’s a slag’ – Jack must have been delighted.
8. It takes Jack approximately 6 seconds to get naked.
9. Jack got sad because he couldn’t see Emilys’ tits.
10. Vicky and Dan, sitting in a canoe…
11. Liam admitted defeat ‘me and you couldn’t pull in a brothel’
12. Ash doesn’t mind spending time with Talitha if he has to – how sweet.
13. Ross and Chloe didn’t at all get caught in an innocent yet compromising position. Only someone lurking with a camera could have made it look worse… oh wait…
14. Chloe has a death stare that rivals Ashs’.
15. Ross is running out of screen space for his list of ex heads.
16. We LOVE the psychotic jealous side to Farah. If it were a movie she’d have definitely shaved Shelbys’ head by now.
17. We didn’t enjoy our lack of Marco & Jeff action. This is not acceptable.
18. We’re pretty sure Ash is the hulk, but when he gets angry he doesn’t turn green, his hair just gets taller.
19. Episode 7 looks like total carnage. We cannot wait.

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