McBusted - Live Tour Review

Ever since the most super of supergroups was formed we’ve been wetting ourselves with excitement and anticipation. Luckily we got our hands on some great tickets for Sunday 10th May in Manchester and bejeezuz it was hoot.

After only just escaping a food coma in TGI Fridays we made our way to the arena (cheers mother nature for choosing that exact time to piss it down) and headed straight for the merch. We don’t normally buy merchandise, but seeing as it was McBusted we made an exception, that and the fact they’d hidden OMFG Zone tickets in the OMFG tins; we didn’t win so a consolation slushy was called for.

Once inside the first support act hit the stage, Young Brando; they were ok. They got some of the crowd going and seemed to be having fun; unfortunately they just didn’t float our metaphoric boat. Next up were a band called The 3 Dudes, as they walked on stage a collective ‘what the fuck’ appeared across everyone over the age of 20 faces; the band were children. It got a bit awkward when they started twerking and chatting to the crowd about hot babes; they were CHILDREN. That aside they weren’t too bad. The final support act was EOfE, and we bloody loved them! The lead singer Tom completely grabbed out attention with his fantastic voice and the lead guitarist was pretty damn good too.

After a mini wait the lights went dark, the screams went wild and the excitement boiled over. A bloody brilliant VT where Matt and James had to get back to the future or McBusted would be no more was played to the eager crowd before an illuminated delorean descended from above. Out popped Matt and James as the McFly boys erupted from the stage. The superness had begun.

We’d took a peek at the set-list beforehand and were a little sadfaced at the McFly to Busted ratio of songs, but it couldn’t have been more perfect. Every hit, every classic, everything we hoped to hear. Sleeping with the light on and Room on the 3rd floor were our personal highlights.

The set was simple, but definitely not understated. Harry was in his usual spot elevated at the back of the stage, the front of the stage was home to just their mic stands lending a clear path to the circular runway. It couldn’t really have been done any different; the boys require plenty of space to run around like toddlers high on blue smarties and jump up and down as high as they possibly can with added scissor kicks. Then there was the ‘UFO’, a second stage towards the rear of the arena that was quite literally designed to look like a UFO, from here they descended to Star Girl, perfect, and played a few songs, it all looked pretty damn spectacular.

The whole show had a laid back, high energy, friends just playing some songs together kind of feel. Their chemistry on stage showed they were having just as much fun as we were. From Matt Willis nearly taking off someones head with his T-shirt gun, to Dougie and his own brand of ‘between song chat’ and Harry wearing nothing but his drummer face (and some jeans), not to forget Tom and his ‘special dancing’ it was wholeheartedly super.

We Want More!

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