The British Soap Awards - Who's Got Our Vote?

We’re soap nerds. In our heads, for 30 minutes, it’s all very real. They make us laugh, hate, cry and empathise, sometimes with just a look. Soap actors don’t always get the full recognition they deserve, they don’t just play a character for 2 hours with a mega bucks budget and special affects team to back them up, they bring to life characters we love and love to hate day after day. That’s why we always look forward to the soap awards and everything they let us and them celebrate.

Everyone has their favourite soap and their favourite characters and now is the time to let everyone know exactly what and who by VOTING!

Here’s who’s got our votes…


It’s about time the powers the powers that be just renamed this the Michelle Keegan Award. She is Michelle Keegan, she is the sexiest female.


Now, fellow Hollyoaks McFitty Ashley Taylor Dawson is damn sexy, as is Emmerdales Matthew Wolfenden, but it’s a no brainer. Danny Mac is a beautiful man that’s been carved from our dreams. Just look at his face. Look at it. Appreciate it. Google topless scenes. Vote for him. Then carry on googling.


All the short-listed nominees are pretty damn bad. Their characters are not the nicest of folks so it was a tough choice. In the end we realised no matter how villainous others have been our vote HAD to go to Anna Passey. Sienna Blake may not be our number one Hollyoaks hate figure anymore but once-up-on-a-time we despised her. The very moment she came on screen our blood quietly boiled. She’s not a traditional violent baddie, she’s so much worse than that. We adore Anna and she seriously needs some shiny award shaped recognition. Her character Sienna Blake had us feeling genuinely angry and agitated when she first began to target the Osborne family, then when that came to a head and we found out more about her past in the space of an episode we empathised, now we find ourselves routing for her happiness. Anna made all that happen. To us the manipulation and genius mind games gave her the edge and won our villain of the year vote.


Choosing who got our vote here was the hardest decision by far. We could easily have given our vote to 4 out of the 5 short-listed and be able to justify it. After much thought we decided to vote Stephanie Davis. Over past months Steph has led her character Sinead through every emotion you could possibly imagine and she’s delivered them with genuine brilliance. From hating her as the school bully, to feeling sorry for her as she became embroiled in prostitution, to having our heartbroken alongside her when baby Katy died. It’s been a master class. Do the right thing, vote Stephanie Davis!


Another hard one! We narrowed it down to Jeremy, David and Kieron, each possess so much talent and have won us over for very different reasons, but it’s Kierons constant wowing that made our decision. For years now Kieron has performed every single storyline thrown his way impeccably, making us not only believe it, but feel it. His cry is quite possibly one of the most heartbreaking cries we’ve ever seen. It’s a travesty Kieron hasn’t won this award in the past, we believe now it’s his time. Vote Kieron!


Our last vote may not come as much surprise considering our other choices. Hollyoaks is the only soap we never miss a single episode of. It’s the only soap that makes us gasp. It’s the only soap that continues to genuinely surprise us. It’s the only soap we ever considered voting for. Yes it may not have the sheer number of viewers as the others and yes some people still like to stereotype it as beautiful people who can’t act – they’re only half right. Let’s all VOTE HOLLYOAKS! (The casts’ reaction alone would be worth it).

Who’s getting your vote?
Make sure you decided before 3pm Friday the 23rd (tomorrow) when voting closes!

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