INTERVIEW - Wayne Lineker

We spoke to bonafide legend and all round cool chap Wayne Lineker about this summers World Cup going hand in hand with Linekers Bars, as well as Curbbz, The Ocean Beach Club and his 'ultimate sacrifice' challenge...

Hi Wayne, are you looking forward to the World Cup?

Yes I am. I love the World Cup as the atmosphere in Linekers is crazy and gives me a great buzz.

What makes Linekers Bars one of the most popular places for people to watch live matches?

I guess it’s because it has become iconic to watch the big games at Linekers and our clients know they will have fun watching the match with us. When England score it just goes mental.

During past World Cups’ what’s the atmosphere been like in your bars when England play?

It’s just the best. From face painting, to singing all the famous England songs, there is a buzz that surrounds the bars that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you could watch the Final in any of the Linekers bars which would you choose?

That’s a tough one as the Marbella and Zante bars are so strong. But I would have to choose Ibiza.

Do you have anything special planned for the bars during the world cup?

We’re just gonna do what we do!

You’ll be playing the Balls To Cancer charity single from tribute band Sockus Quo throughout your bars, what made you want to get involved and help out?

I just think it’s a really fun song and the boys doing it are good lads. It’s also for a great cause.

Who do you think will win?


We can’t not mention your new brand Curbbz, since it’s launch we’ve seen them on some pretty famous wrists. Are you pleased with how well it’s taken off?

Yes, so pleased with the success so far and it’s looking better by the week. A lot of celebrities have been wearing them on various TV shows. Rough Copy had them on every week during the X Factor, which was amazing for us.

Did you expect it to become so popular so quickly?

We only launched the product in November so it’s all happened so fast but I guess I always hoped I could put it out there as fast as it has; I’m very chuffed with myself for this. When my business partner Adam first showed me the bracelet I always believed in it. It’s unique and has found a nice little niche in the market.

Do you plan to expand the brand into other accessories?

Yes we are looking at designs now that again my partner Adam has come up with. He’s a very creative guy.

Who would you love to see sporting a Curbbz bracelet on their wrist one day?

David Beckham. When it’s spotted on his wrist it’s game over.

You've just announced your ultimate sacrifice charity challenge for the summer, how hard is not having a single drop of alcohol going to be for you?

It’s going to be so tough especially as I will be at Ocean Beach every day and then Linekers every night, constantly surrounded by people drinking and having fun.

What made you decide you wanted to do something like this?

I just felt that after 26 summers on the trot being pissed every night it’s time I gave a bit back and this is the perfect opportunity to do it. That, and raising lots of money for charity.

Why did you pick Children In Need as the charity to benefit?

Because I love children and they have the rest of their lives ahead of them and they deserve a chance in life like all the more fortunate ones.

Can we expect any more charity challenges from you when this ones a success?

Yes, absolutely. Although there definitely won’t be any so tough!

The new Ocean Beach Club Ibiza opens this Friday, are you excited?

Incredibly excited. There's been so much hype this pre-season I feel it's going to be an amazing year.

What can people expect to find when they get there?

They can expect to have the best day of their life.
There's a lot of hype on social media about the opening, are you proud that on reputation alone it's already looking like a huge hit?

Yes! So proud of what we have achieved in just 2 years.

Why should people make the Ocean Beach Club their place to be in Ibiza?

Because it's just so right!! We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best possible time at still affordable prices.

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