MTV Ex On The Beach - Episode Four

Well that sure was a goody wasn’t it! Stirring, Ex’s, Bitching, Perfect! The drama is getting bigger and better and so are the ratings. We’re well and truly hooked! Here’s everything we learnt from episode 4…

1. Liam is not only an A-grade stirrer he’s also a big softy. Package.
2. Pastels. Pastels. Pastels.
3. We love hulk AKA woah he’s huge AKA beast AKA Australian Dan.
4. The look on Ross’ face when Dan popped out the water was like he’d just seen an albino T-Rex ripping the head off his favourite beanie baby in the distance.
5. We NEED more slow-mo shower scenes – cough Dan cough.
6. Frankenstein has gone; we might even miss the crazy. Although we probably won’t.
7. Marco and more importantly Jeff is now a free man (barnet).
8. Dan popped his cork and got Chloe a bit wet.
9. Ashley does a legendary death stare across the dinner table. We’re pretty sure the potato salad crapped itself.
10. It was massage round 2 for Ash and Chloe; he’s got quite a unique technique.
11. Soppy Vicky is adorable. We want to go to the wedding – if it’s on Bondi beach.
12. We kept seeing a blonde girl on screen and thinking ‘hmm Emily looks different’ then they flashed up her name. Sorry Emma-Jane, we forgot you existed.
13. There still wasn’t enough Jack action.
14. The wrath of Farah was unleashed.
15. Chloe is still a mans girls but she’s going to try and be a girls girl for the rest of the show.
16. Emily and Vicky need their own show.
17. Talitha gets more and more adorable.
18. From chief stirrer to puppet master, is there no end to Liams’ talents?
19. The soundtrack gets better and better.
20. We didn’t think it was possible but next weeks looks EVEN BETTER.

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