SCD - Week Three

Week three and our first theme was upon us. We’re not usually a fan of the ol’ theme weeks, they tend to be far too full of gimmicks and it tends to ruin what could potentially have been a really, really great dance for some couples. This year however they’ve managed to pull off movie week with a touch of pizzazz. Perfect.

The opening number was amazing, the combo of singing judges and Donny Osmond really shouldn’t have worked, but somehow it did. Speaking of Donny, he wasn’t an awful judge, but he wasn’t exactly a Strictly judge. We’re not fond of this 5th guest judge thing; they really effect the leader board and took the shine off when the first ‘real’ 10 is dished out.

Alison & Aljaz
Jive to Footloose

We demand Ali and Ali open the show every week! She had the character needed for a jive down to a T and had bags of energy from start to end. She had a slight issue with the footwork and her kicks and flicks needed a bit more sharpness, however this certainly didn’t take away from the overall feel and general awesomeness of their jive.

Scored | 28 |
Our Score | 7 |

Steve & Ola
Quickstep to I Wanna Be Like You

He was a tad disappointing last week but this time he was back with a bang and showing definite improvement. Although this had comedy elements and a strong theme, it wasn’t taken to extremes and there was plenty of content, which Steve danced well. He needs to be lighter on his feet though as it felt a little heavy in places, but apart from that it was easily his best dance to date!

Scored | 34 |
Our Score | 7 |

Jennifer & Tristan
Foxtrot to Mamma Mia

Unlike Craig we kind of liked the miming from Jennifer and Tristan, it seemed to help build her confidence throughout the dance and certainly showed she was enjoying the whole routine. Unfortunately the song didn’t really lend itself to the foxtrot and everything put together didn’t quite work; hardly their fault though. However She did have some great footwork in places and really grew into the dance.

Scored | 23 |
Our Score | 5 |

Simon & Kristina
Rumba to Take My Breath Away

There’s no denying that technically this was great, it had every element you’d want and hope to see in a rumba, but for some reason something was missing. Despite it being a fantastically choreographed routine performed well, it lacked an emotional connection. Normally he’d probably get away with it but this dance needs to ooze emotion. Despite that he did capture the mood in places, which bodes well, and he had excellent arm placement. Kristina definitely shined in this routine!

Scored | 30 |
Our Score | 7 |

Judy & Anton
Quickstep to Don’t Rain on my Parade

Another improvement this week, it’s slow and steady but it’s an improvement all the same. It was all a bit stiff and there was a few mistakes throughout the routine but she seems to be getting her nerves under control which should help to iron out the little mistakes.

Scored | 23 |
Our Score | 5 |

Tim & Natalie
Charleston to Money, Money

We definitely prefer Tim as a ballroom baron but his cheeky Charleston still had us sat at home smiling. He had all the character needed to create the Charleston vibe but he did unfortunately lack much of the technique. We still have a big soft spot for this duo though.

Scored | 22 |
Our Score | 5 |

Caroline & Pasha
Rumba to I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Oh the choreography, oh the lines, oh the passion, oh the precision, oh the emotion, oh we loved it. This was definitely Caroline’s dance, she was just stunning to watch. She had immaculate moments of light and shade, which were well held and controlled beautifully. Her movements were fluid and she showed so much passion in her performance it was very special to watch. Easily one of our favourite routines of the series so far.

Scored | 42 |
Our Score | 9 |

Scott & Joanne
Samba to Under The Sea

Erm… hmmm… errr… we’re not quite sure if this actually happened or we had a very odd dream that Scott was dancing dressed as a crab on live Saturday night telly. If it did indeed happen, he didn’t look very comfortable in his body whilst executing this dance but his face told a different, much more fun story. He looked a little awkward and didn’t show the confidence that’s needed for a good Samba. It did have bounce though, even if it wasn’t in the right place and the overall production was brilliant though!

Scored | 25 |
Our Score | 4 |

Frankie & Kevin
Paso Doble to America

From the start, this routine was full of drama and attack. It was fast and full on, but she matched Kevin all the way! There was lots of great, challenging choreography and top-notch skirt action. Brilliant passion and aggression throughout and we really enjoyed the Flamenco element to the steps. Kevin somehow managed to top his Paso with Susanna; something we never thought possible! Amazing.

Scored | 45 |
Our Score | 9 |

Jake & Janette
Waltz to Godfather Waltz

Our mouths have barely had time to close since last weeks stunning salsa so it was nice to switch it up head back to ballroom. Even his simple steps onto the dance floor were dark and dramatic leading perfectly into a slick and sophisticated Waltz. There was brooding passion that built throughout Janette’s originally choreographed routine. This dance couldn’t be more different to last weeks and just shows how versatile and talented Jake is.

Scored | 40 |
Our Score | 8 |

Pixie & Trent
Quickstep to Be Our Guest

We loved the theatricality of the number and Pixie was near faultless at mastering the tricky footwork required. They both looked brilliant in hold and you really struggled to spot the amateur from the pro in this duo. Pixie gave an extraordinary performance out on the dance floor with beautiful ‘double’ pirouettes and yet more amazing choreography from Trent.

Scored | 43 |
Our Score | 9 |

Thom & Iveta
Charleston to New York, New York

This Charleston had great personality; cheeky character and Thom lead Iveta around the floor well. He had great swivel throughout and gave boundless energy. Despite a slight timing issue, which really didn’t take anything away from the routine it was his best performance so far. Improving week after week Thom’s potential is endless.

Scored | 38 |
Our Score | 8 |

Sunetra & Brendan
American Smooth to The Way You Look Tonight

A very classy and stylish American Smooth from Sunetra and our favourite pro-dancer Brendan. It was easily their best dance yet. The pair danced very well together and are clearly forming a great partnership. Their routine had solid holds and lifts whilst demonstrating some very smooth movements and well placed arms. It was style with a smile; beautiful.

Scored | 40 |
Our Score | 8 |

Karen & Mark
Paso Doble to Superman

Such a great way to end the show! Fun, entertaining and hilarious – we completely cracked up at Mark’s serious facial expression whilst sporting a Superman cape. Initially his footwork looked great and he had a strong posture full of attack, but it all kind of descended into comic chaos. If we’re honest, the effects were stronger than some of the steps and we’re not sure the judges being in hysterics was quite the desired result but even so, we couldn’t help but love it.

Scored | 35 |
Our Score | 7 |

Another cracking show with hands down a handful of the best routines we’ve seen this series. The competition is already seriously hotting up!

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