The Only Way Is Ibiza - Coming Up...

Finally our Essex chums are back! Life hasn’t felt quite the same without them on our screens these past few weeks. Are Arg and Lydia on? Does Ricky’s facial hair look glorious? Have Chloe and Elliott out-cheesed themselves with romance? We need to know!

As is tradition, before we see them on Essex soil they head off to a sunny location to give the drama that extra bit of heat. Usually it’s Marbs but this time the gang have hit Ibiza. The location may be different but the tears, tantrums and tan’s are just the same…
Coming Up…

Lauren is all teary as rumours are circulating that apparent gent Lewis has been a bit naughty.

Mario is BACK (yay) and is curious as to why Chloe cut their friendship short. Will he get in the middle of her and Elliott’s romance? Things are definitely going to get awkward.

Things between Ferne and Chloe are still as frosty as ever and it’s not long until Chloe’s eyes start leaking in front of brother Charlie.

All isn’t well with Danielle as she acknowledges her uncertainly in her relationship with James, revealing her recent heartache.

There’s fresh meat in the form of Tommy (who takes a shine to Georgia) and George (who’s got his eye on an old flame)

Arg and Lydia are still in love limbo, will they, won’t they?

Oh and Ricky has a new comb, bless.


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