Football Fans - We Want You!

With the World Cup having filled the between seasons gap nicely it’s almost time for the 14/15 season to get underway. Before the football action gets into full swing there’s plenty to wet your appetite, with transfers and predictions all to be discussed.

That’s where you come in! We need a selection of football nuts to join our mini blogging team and get their write on over the course of the season.

We need people who…

Are passionate about their own team but also able to comment from an occasionally neutral perspective.
Have creative ideas for features and post topics.
Are opinionated but not overly offensive (a little bit’s just fine)
Can meet flexible deadlines.
Can be available for live tweeting matches.
Are willing to contribute to managing an interactive twitter account.
Are committed.
Check emails on a regular basis, or at least reads DM’s.

You don’t need to have any previous writing experience but the skill of forming sentences is desired.

Interested in joining the team? Have any questions?
Email usitsbiznews@gmail.com

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