Meet Sheppard...

There’s a brand new band that’s about to become a real treat to your ears and they’re called Sheppard!

Now, we say brand new, but that’s not exactly true. They’ve been together since 2011 and have since taken their native Australia by storm. After huge success they’re heading to our shores to spread their musical love.

Sheppard is made up of siblings George, Amy and Emma along with Jay Bovino, Michael Butler and Dean Gordon. They pride themselves on writing exciting power pop tracks with the happy laid-back vibes you’d expect from a bunch of Aussies.

Back in Australia their debut single ‘Let Me Down Easy’ went double platinum and sat snug in the itunes charts for over 6 months! Then they released ‘Geronimo’, which fast became the first independently released Australian single to top the ARIA charts in over 30 years. It’s this track that Sheppard have released here in the UK and after just one listen it’s easy to see why the band have been such a hit. ‘Geronimo’ is original, creative and a joy to our ears; the perfect soundtrack to a happy summer.

We predict huge things for the talented sextet; they’re represented by Steve Strange (Eminem & Coldplay) here in the UK as well as the legendary Scooter Braun in the US. It won’t be long before they’re following in the footsteps of other Aussie exports Iggy Azalea and 5SOS!

If you're heading to V Festival this year be sure to check them out, you won't be disappointed! You can also follow the talented folks on Twitter @wearesheppard.

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