Lateysha Loves

MTV's favourite Welsh star Lateysha Grace is fast becoming a fashion guru for her fans so it made perfect sense for her to bring out her own range.

Lateysha teamed up with www.LoveSasha.com for her first Autumn/Winter range that became an instant hit and boasted incredible sales, so much so Love Sasha were more than delighted to team up with Lateysha once more for her Summer range.

At a slender size 10 with curves in all the right places it’s no surprise she’s body-confident and developing into a proud role model for real girls. What better way to showoff than in style!

The Lateysha Loves collection is a mix of floral, colourful, two-piece and monochrome items; perfect for the summer trends and reflective of her own personal style. You’d be surprised how many famous faces bring out a collection they wouldn’t wear themselves but that’s not the case here; she’s got her summer wardrobe perfectly catered for.

"I'm abroad quite a lot this Spring Summer, I'm off to a big party in the Netherlands, A beach theme party in Belgium, and of course, my annual 2 weeks in Magaluf and with my collection I don't need to buy anything more than just my bikinis."

You may think it’d be a tad expensive to get the Lateysha look, but you’d be wrong. She’s not someone who’ll go out and spend £100’s on clothes and Lateysha has worked hard to ensure fans of her collections don’t have to either; personally hammering down supplies to keep prices rock bottom. Everyone loves a stylish bargain and with prices ranging from just £8.99 to £29.99 you’d find it hard to beat!

Here’s a snippet of what she has to offer… you can find the rest at http://www.lovesasha.com/lateyshaloves.html

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