DREAMTEAM - Transfer Time, 2.

The first knockout stage is over and the quarterfinals are upon us, so it’s time for the DREAMTEAM transfer window, round two.

If you forgot to make your changes last week you’ll have been pretty desperate for this window to open. If you were astute and predicted all the group winners would advance and you based your last changes on this nugget of wisdom you might not have a whole lot that needs changing.

Either way, this is make or break time; a goal, an assist, a star man, a clean sheet, any of these could be the minute difference between glory and heartbreak.

You have until 5pm, July 4th to make 4 transfers to your finely crafted team.

James Rodriguez is currently the leading man, if you’ve had him from the start you’re no doubt sitting pretty at the top of our mini league and if you transferred him in last week it was a shrewd move. But is picking him this time a case of too little too late?

Muller is leading the German charge and always looks likely to rack up the points when he plays, but with a whopping 44% of players already benefiting from his attacking skills, will adding him in at this point help you leap ahead of those around you?

Robben, Messi, Neymar and Benzema all top the points chart for their countries. Benzema is the least picked out of all of the four and potentially a good choice, however it all depends on whether you think the French can put a halt to the German campaign.

With only one more transfer window to come where you can make just one more change don’t forget to think ahead!

If you’re one of those raking in the points and sitting smugly at the top of our mini league then please get in touch on twitter @ItsBizNews with your name and team name or if you’d prefer send us an email itsbiznews@gmail.com, after all if you’re on the top spot come the end we’ll need to be able to contact you for all your prizes.

The prizes for the winner are…

The complete Calvin Klein world cup underwear collection from Bang & Strike.

A prize from celeb and athlete favourite, Musclefood.

A voucher for Machine Fitness.

A stylish and much in demand Curbbz bracelet.

Diamond Whites home teeth whitening kit.

A tasty Hug Box.

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