EastEnders do September With a Bang!

As Alfie and Kat’s financial situation grows worse, Alfie contemplates a decision which could have horrific consequences – but just how desperate is he?

September is like the second Christmas in soap world, as autumn arrives the soaps go BIG, and this September EastEnders is going HUGE!

It’s an explosive season in Walford both literally and metaphorically. There are the aforementioned explosions, weddings and a double Mitchell return.

September starts with poor Alfie finding himself unable to provide for his expanded brood and deciding to take matters into his own hands, with the ol’ ‘burn down the house and claim on the insurance scam that totally never goes wrong’. Things however do go wrong, oh so horribly wrong as Alfie soon realizes that the house isn’t empty and as he rushes in an explosion rips through the burning home. The consequences are so far reaching he could ever have imagined…

Phil and Sharon’s wedding looms and Phil realises Sharon has been planning to fleece him; uh-oh. With the help of Shirley he sets a plan in motion to seek his revenge. The wedding isn’t the only drama heading the Mitchell’s way as two of the clan are set to return. Ben is back and he’s going to make life a whole lot harder for Phil. The second Mitchell return comes in the shape of Ronnie, but not the shape she left with, there’s a bump on board. Determined to go it alone Ronnie is only back to stop the wedding, but then she bumps into Charlie…

Dominic Treadwell-Collins, Executive Producer said “Bombs that we have been carefully planting over the last few months are about to explode all over the Square as some of our most iconic characters’ lives change forever. With huge twists, shock returns and stories which will move, provoke and entertain, this September is going to be classic EastEnders and an unforgettable start to our autumn.”

That’s just a taste of what’s to come!

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