The X Factor - Bootcamp, The Girls.

We’ve just about recovered from the bumper dose of epic bootcamp action, our nerves may only just make it through taking a look back.

Yes it’s hugely influenced in the edit, yes it can be completely contrived and biased but you can’t deny its bloody wonderful television.

The three nights of action gave us literally everything the X Factor has to offer; talent, tears, tantrums, shocks, sobs, wow’s, woe’s and drama aplenty!

Friday’s installment quickly breezed over the first challenge where the contestants were whittled down, with the drama to follow you can kind of see why, but it’d have been nice to see some of the performances all the same. We may never know how awesome some were or why some got sent home, for the most part we were left wondering who actually made it through the cull.

Then came the good stuff. It was time for Cheryl to pick her six girls, normally an emotional and difficult task but it was made all the more harder with her inability to say no, dishing out chairs like she was getting them from DFS.

The Girls – Final Six

 Lola Saunders

It wasn’t Lola’s best audition we’ve seen, for some reason things just didn’t quite connect, maybe the nerves got the better of her this once. Regardless her talent is undeniable and she’s done more than enough in past rounds to earn her spot.


Things didn’t exactly go smooth sailing for Chloe. She gave a novel version of a Backstreet Boys track that we couldn’t help but love and took a seat, then someone else came along and we had to wave bye to Chloe (we were heartbroken). But that wasn’t that! Cheryl uttered the words “I’ve made a mistake” and back she came; woohoo! Judges houses would never have been the same without her, that’s for sure.

Stephanie Nala

It all went perfectly for Stephanie, she performed a delicately cool version of Wicked Games and there was no doubt she was getting a seat. Despite how obvious it was she was born to be in Cheryl’s final six (probably amongst other things) Stephanie looked the most nervous as they sat waiting to learn their final fate; bless.

Emily Middlemas

You’d be forgiven for thinking Emily was just giving a pressure free performance in front of a bunch of polite mates with how relaxed she seemed. Her performance was pretty perfect, it was fun and screamed her, at such a young age it’s mind blowing that she already seems so confident in knowing what type of artist she is.

Lauren Platt

Possibly our favourite bootcamp audition out of all the girls. At such a young age Lauren has her own style and her own mind. Her performance of Man In The Mirror is something we’d love to have on our iPod and it’d make it into every play list; we liked it. Definitely a frontrunner for the girls.

Kerrianne Covell

Another flawless performance from Kerrianne made sure Cheryl had to make another tough decision on whose seat she was to take. Having not given a single dodgy audition we’d have shaved our dog if Kerrianne hadn’t made it through. Another one to watch in the girls’ category.

It wasn’t the best of episodes for Cheryl, although it did make a nice change from the usual love-in. There was some seriously miffed boo’s being heckled in her direction and she didn’t exactly deal with it all to well. It was like Gamu all over again!

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