The X Factor - The Room Auditions (Two)

Sunday evening gave us our second dose of X Factor auditions and it was a mixture of groups and pug loving Italians that stole the show.

We were ‘treated’ to a montage of dullness and then bam… Stevie came along…

Stevie Ritchie

His whole audition was kind of like watching a puppy falling off a step over and over again, it was an adorable disaster that we couldn’t help but watch. Greeting the judges as ‘legends’ and smooth talking Simon by referring to him as ‘the God of X Factor’ he managed to charm his way into the next round. He had himself a little ‘me party’ and we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of him…

Then it was time for the groups to shine…


The one the ‘fangirls’ had been waiting for. They gave us a great rendition of Pompeii by Bastille and sailed through to the next round. Their mixture of classic good looks, charming smiles and pretty decent voices should see them rack up the fans day by day.

Only The Young

Easily one of our favourite auditions so far. Having already supported some big acts thanks to winning a Vodafone competition we were expecting big things from their audition and they certainly didn’t disappoint. They sang ‘Something about the way you look tonight’ giving it a completely fresh feel, and we enjoyed every second of it. 'That’s how you do an audition' said Cheryl, whilst Simon told them he'd love to work with them… bring on their next audition please!


5 different kinds of handsome; check. Great vocals; check. Use of an instrument, check. What more could we possibly want? Concept bought an earthquake of musical joy to the audition room and proudly accepted their chorus of yes’s into the next round. Keep your eye on these chaps.

Kitten and the Hip

Oh Louis, Louis, Louis. Only Louis could think they were father and daughter and say it out loud (the rest of us politely just kept that misjudgment quietly to ourselves). Husband and Wife duo Kitten and Hip gave an awkwardly mismatched audition and the judges began uttering the sentence ‘Kitten would you consid…’, ‘YES’. Thus the Hip was gone and Kitten was through to the next round.

Then is was time for a montage of foreign contestants all gushing about how wonderful the British X Factor is but not delivering with the vocals; until pug boy…

Andrea Faustini

Officially our favourite pug sweater wearing Italian; by a mile. He entered the audition room professing his love for the Spice Girls and admitting his fear of Simon, a few premature side eyes were exchanged between the judges and then he sang… His rendition of ‘Who’s Lovin’ You?’ was goosebump inducingly wonderful; and the nation fell in love.

Linzi Martin

She used to be in ‘Girl Thing’ who were tipped to be the next Spice Girls (no us neither) and after appearing on ‘The Big Reunion’ (which we assume didn’t work out) decided to give X Factor a bash in the hope of reclaiming those short-lived glory days. She got off to a bit of a bum start before composing herself and giving it another whirl. It was rocky; she said her nerves were killing her. Simon admitted to her that he needed to be honest as it was the best for her in the long run. It was heavy viewing for all and Cheryl said, “It was the hardest audition [she] has ever been in”. Tears all round as she hugged Simon and Cheryl leaving with a bunch of No’s.

Sunday’s show not only gave us a handful of standout auditions but it also gave us the best conversation to have ever been conversed, ever. Mel and Cheryl had the ‘who would I have been in The Spice Girls/Girls Aloud’ conversation, and it was wonderful. More of this please, X Factor producers.

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