The X Factor - Bootcamp - The Groups

Last but not least, it was Louis’ turn to make decisions. That sentence alone should have prepared us for the shambles that ensued, if he can’t send it to deadlock he just hasn’t got a clue; and it really showed.

The Groups – Final Six

The Brooks

The twins were the first up and the first act to grab a seat, normally that’d mean one hell of a nervy wait, but thanks to some made up rule about contestants under 16 not being able to have their seat taken away, they were sitting pretty. We’ve only really had fleeting glances of them throughout the series but from what we did hear they could actually sing. Huge potential.

New Boy Band

The new 8-piece boy band made up of the chaps deemed not good enough to be solo only went and stole the bloody show. We didn’t see why they all got an initial no, but clearly that was madness. Their vocals were impeccable, particularly James, Tom and Barclay; James gave the band that all-important wow note, Tom went from Bambi to Simba and Barclay shocked us completely, we only thought he could yodel!  Each one of them managed to stand out, Charlie gave the song his own stamp, Reece has the voice of someone twice his age, Jake is some kind of twitter god to girls, Chris added a sprinkle of vulnerability and Casey, oh Casey (we might love him) There are a lot of them, but somehow it works, the further they got into the song the more and more it felt like a true moment, the moment something huge began.

New Girl Group

Unlike the new boy band the new girls didn’t quite have the impact they’d have hoped. It was a no for Abi, Abby, Saffron, Mini and Leah and it was sad faces all round; the audience certainly didn’t agree. After all hell broke loose the girls were back for a sing off and although we didn’t quite hear them over the ‘what the frick is going on’ comments from our viewing acquaintances they did enough to take that final spot. It’ll be interesting to see how they fair after having had a bit longer together to prepare.


We have a giant soft spot for these chaps. They’re not only talented and ridiculously handsome but they’re also honest. Honest in how much this means to them and honest in their performance. We only got a peek of their rendition of Run (Boo) but it was more than enough to confirm they’re bloody talented. They looked the part in their matching black and broody outfits and no doubt deserved their spot at judges houses. We can’t wait to hear a full song from them.

Blonde Electric

They definitely sounded better than their original room audition and they’re definitely different, brining a wild bit of fun to the show, but considering the acts that didn’t make it to judges houses we’re a little bit bemused. Maybe they come across much better in person? But that’s not much use for the live shows is it.

Only The Young

Before they took to the stage there was a whole heap of drama and we could of easily been distracted and not paid complete attention to them. But within moments of them taking to the stage they had us hooked, they’re unique, they’re talented and they’re most importantly likeable. Their energetic, full throttle performance gave Louis no choice but to hand them a seat. We find ourselves really intrigued as to what they’ll do next. We want more!

If you thought Friday night was dramatic it didn’t have a patch on Sunday’s, when Louis decided to take Overload’s seat they weren’t leaving without a fight and unwittingly dragged the poor Pow Pow Girls out of their seat too and into a sing-off where the discarded New Girls also came back. Oh the drama!

Now bring on judges houses!

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