The X Factor - The Room Auditions (Three)

After an amazing first weekend of the new series, we were all excited to see the good, bad, weird, wonderful and not quite stable return to our screens for round three of the audition room. The boys were certainly out in force but something fishy stole the show…

Ten Senah

A professional 'partier', this lady was still a bit pissed when she rocked up to her audition. Openly admitting she hadn't yet slept we were more than a little dubious about what was to come. It turns out she was pretty damn good and even got the collective nod of surprise from the judges. Simon told her to get her act together, whereas Mel stated the fact she was a bit pissed didn’t really bother her; through to the next round she went.

Charlie Martinez

After getting special permission from his squadron commander Charlie entered the audition room to raised eyebrows of aesthetic appreciation from Mel, Cheryl, and everyone watching. Mel discovered the all important fact that he does sing in his uniform, just unfortunately not this time. He then proceeded to sing Hero with a sprinkling of Spanish... then our ovaries exploded. 

Queen Christina

Essex's own answer to Lady Gaga, Queen C regally breezed in and gave us her aria at one of the highest frequencies known to man. She didn't look too pleased with Simons label of her as 'fantastically nuts' or him teasing her with a yes and then saying no. But she told Dermot that she liked her acoustics so everyone's a winner right?
Maria Ellinas

Our hopes were high for the beautiful scouser when she walked in and began singing Simons favourite song Streetlife, which will now forever be known as Shtreetlife. After some judge style banter and Maria agreeing to work on her pronunciation she made it through.

Charlie Brown

Oh look a guy with a guitar; but this one was actually great! He was raw, naturally talented and was basically the love child of Ed Sheeran and James Marrison. One to watch!

Ben Haenow

Within roughly 27 seconds of Ben chatting away we’d developed a slight crush. His cheeky but loveable attitude was a breath of fresh air amongst the ‘this is my life, I need this, and it’s all I dream about, bores’. Distinctive vocals full of grit and emotion, he breezed through.

Jake Sims

Judging by our twitter feed during the build up to the show Jake is one popular chap and after his audition he’s done nothing to halt the flow of admiration. Jake walked in with his little sister Sydney who joined the judge’s panel before giving a brilliant rendition of Superstition. His modern image, sweet vocals and humble personality got him straight through, watch out for Jake, you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of him.

The Brooks

Singing twins… just what the world needs more of. Sarcasm aside the adorable, matching bandana wearing, 15 year old, cuties sang Westlife (we love a bit of Westlife) and instantly became Louis’ new wet dream.

Monica Michael

After a rebellious stint during her teenage years, music saved this lady and Monica wrote her audition song for her sister who got her through the bad times. It was a smooth urban combination of singing and rap titled ‘Little Sister’ which Simon and the judges praised to the heavens. Cue plenty of sobs all round and a bunch of yes’s.

Jack Walton

Being from Mel’s native Leeds and deciding to sing Cheryl’s soundtrack of the summer Jack was told ‘no pressure’ and it looked as though he took that literally. Delivering a cool, composed, relaxed and professional performance of Waves, he just oozed potential.

James Graham

With the voice of a butch 30 something gent, Jack belted out a James Morrison track. Despite not liking animals (who doesn’t like animals?!) his promise to try to learn to love them for Simon, teamed with his talent, saw him through to the arena.

Casey Johnson

Isn’t he lovely, isn’t he wonderful. He’s too sexy for his shirt, so sexy it hurts. We’re fond of Casey if you hadn’t guessed. His cheeky charm and effortless smooth tone made him a hit with the judges and everyone with a pulse sat at home. We’re looking forward to seeing lots more of him.

Paul Akister

The nation yelped a collective ‘YAY’ when we saw Paul walk back into the audition room. Last year the ever useless Louis sent Paul packing at judges houses and got rid of the only one who’d have been able to rival eventual winner, Sam’s belting voice. Back came that amazing voice, passion and genuine emotion as he dedicated the song to an ex-girlfriend he wanted back (not us, sadly). The side glances of disgust and bewilderment aimed at Louis from the other judges was followed by 4 glorious yes’s.

Lola Saunders

Fishmonger Lola was pretty desperate to make it in music and leave gutting sea creatures behind her forever. We always worry a bit when we hear Adele song intros but we shouldn't have bothered in Lola's case. She gave a gutsy, soulful rendition of Make You Feel My Love and there were tears when Simon said it was a fantastic audition with real soul. Louis thought it was emotional and brilliant and I think we all got teary eyed at just how much this obviously meant to Lola and her family. What a voice.

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