Hagan Vs Logan

People say stupid things and most of us get away with it, but not Gabby Logan.

Gabby was on BBC1 show ‘Room 101’ and discussing what her pet hate in television is. She replied ‘scripted reality shows’ – which is perfectly fine, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but then she added ‘shows like TOWIE, Made In Chelsea, Geordie Shore…’ – oops!

Watching the show at home Holly Hagan wasn’t all too happy and took to Twitter to vent her annoyance…

Now like we said, it’s perfectly fine to not be a fan of ‘scripted reality shows’ but perhaps Gabby should of maybe tried watching these shows she so dislikes before slating them on the ol’ telly box. At least that way she’d have known Geordie Shore couldn’t be any more different to the likes of TOWIE; different but equally as great.

Gabby would probably have gotten away with her misinformed judgment if sassy Holly weren’t watching. Unlucky Logan. Her only comment in response so far is ‘I still don’t like it but thanks’.

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