The X Factor - Bootcamp, The Overs

Next up it was Simon. Now Simon is normally the unflappable sensible type, but even he got swept up in the drama of the six-chair challenge! The Overs category is traditionally packed full of ageing misfits but this year they should probably come up with a new name for this bunch of attractive, talented, charming folks!

The Overs – Final Six

Ben Haenow
We might be a little bit in love with Ben. His voice, his charisma, his personality, he just has it; whatever it is. Even though he must have been nervous he looked so at home on the stage, sauntering around like he was born to do it. We can’t wait to see what he’s got under his sleeve for judges houses.

Stevi Ritchie
It’s no real shock Stevi’s made it to judges houses, what would X Factor be without a loveable nutter, and we mean that in the nicest way possible. If he’d have just stood on the stage in front of the judges and sung a song we’d have felt cheated, cheated out of what’s possibly the most wonderful thing we’ve ever seen. Stevi possessed by the spirit of Patrick Swayze.

Lizzy Pattinson
Lizzy has gone somewhat under the radar since her room audition and other than being R-Pattz’s sibling we don’t know much about her. Oh other than the fact we adore her voice. It’s completely different to what anyone else in the competition offers, she’s almost got a little bit of country in her, a UK friendly amount. Hopefully we’ll see much more of what she’s got to offer.

Jay James
Another beautiful performance from Jay. The amount of emotion Jay puts into each performance is mesmerising to watch, no matter what he sings he finds a way to connect to the lyrics and deliver them with honesty. Just imagine the kind of moment Jay could have if he ever sung something he’d written himself (I wonder if he writes songs?). There was no way he wasn’t getting a seat.

Although we did have to wait 23 hours to find out his obvious fate, still a nicely timed cliffhanger though.

Fleur East
Another all round performance from Fleur, Brian Friedman must be bursting with joy at the thought of getting his creative hands on her. The fact she can move around with confidence is a huge bonus and will definitely help her stand out, it’d be nice to hear a stripped back performance at judges houses though so we can really hear her voice.

Helen Fulthorpe
What a voice! She also gets huge bonus points for picking one of our fave songs. There’s no denying Helen can sing, and when we say sing we mean belt out a song with diva worthy vocals. We’d definitely pay to see her in a starring role in Wicked.

Simon had a bit of a Cheryl moment when one minute he was taking Lizzy’s seat then the next changing his mind to Raign. Speaking of Raign, we feel a bit sorry for her, the disdain Cheryl clearly has for her was initially a bit amusing but the further along Raign got the more unprofessional and rude Cheryl became; all a bit uncomfortable to watch in the end. Nonetheless Simon has himself a talented bunch of Overs. 

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