SCD - Week One (Part Two)

Friday night was a bloody brilliant warm-up for Saturday nights Strictly extravaganza! We really enjoyed part one of our week one dancing action and part two definitely didn’t disappoint. Having seen the first batch of celebs in action these really seemed to up their game; the competition is well and truly on!

The opening routine from the wonderful pros was a visual treat, the perfect start to the show. Tess has slipped nicely into her promotion taking over from Brucie and we’re fairly certain we love Claudia Winkleman inappropriate amounts. The judges dancing entrance aside it was time to take to the floor…

Mark & Karen
Cha Cha to ‘I’m Your Man’ by George Michael

An encouraging first dance for Mark, as Essex meets New York in a full on, full gas Cha Cha Cha. We had the best fun watching Mark’s routine and he was technically pretty strong as well as hugely entertaining. He had great hips, good coordination and lines and maintained the high energy levels throughout. He was actually, dare we say it, better than we ever thought he could be! He does need to slow it down a couple of gears and channel all that energy as that will allow him to control his footwork, but that could be down to first night nerves.

Scored | 24 |
Our Score | 7 |

Alison & Alijaz
Cha Cha ‘I’m Every Woman’ by Chaka Khan

Confident, joyful and incredibly infectious. What vigour, energy and character! She brimmed confidence and has a natural ability and sense of rhythm. Craig was massively complimentary other than her flat feet and Len agreed she was ‘bold and bouncy.’ As a performance it was fabulous, heart and soul. We absolutely love these two as a dancing duo.

Scored | 26 |
Our Score | 7 |

Steve & Ola
Tango to ‘Born To Be Wild’ by Steppenwolf

For the first few steps (half of the dance) we may have been a little distracted by the guns Steve was smuggling onto the dance floor! Steve may not have looked as natural as some of the others but he clearly gave it a good shot. Strong, sturdy, in complete control and cleanly executed. He had some serious passion and character with aggression etched across this face throughout his tricky Tango. He also led Ola around the dance floor really well and was great in hold. Ola’s belief that she can turn anybody into a dancer has never been truer.

Scored | 26 |
Our Score | 6 |

Jennifer & Tristan
Jive to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams

A bit of a closed book going into this competition, we really had no idea how Jennifer would get on. She and Tristan sure make a cute Irish duo but that’s not enough to win over the judges. Jennifer did well to keep up with Tristan in what was a tricky routine. Kicks and flicks were not as sharp as they needed to be and the detailing could have been more refined. Looking at the routine as a whole, she went out and did the required steps without fault and for that Jennifer should be applauded. Len criticised her footwork but praised her spirit and we couldn’t really argue with that.

Scored | 18 |
Our Score | 5 |

Thom & Iveta
Waltz to ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Secret Garden

This partnership has been getting hot both on and off the dance floor if reports are to be believed (and who could blame them) so we were excited to see the chemistry between Thom and Iveta. Thom looked like a Disney Prince sculptured from the ‘stone of phwoar’ in his costume, which may have distracted us ever so slightly. He was elegant and light on his feet and demonstrated some nice lines. He did come across as a little nervous and uncomfortable and we’re not sure it flowed as well as they perhaps intended. A good test is goosebumps and this gave us goosebumps, it was delicate and transported us to a whole other place. Great potential.

Scored | 23 |
Our Score | 6 |

Sunetra & Brendan
Tango to ‘Bad Case of Loving You’ by Robert Palmer

Any partnership including the amazing Brendan Cole gets our vote but we were still interested to see how Sunetra faired when dancing with this Strictly stalwart. This Tango had all the sharpness and attack that it needed, but Sunetra’s frame was weak and wobbly in hold and needed the guiding hand of Brendan to try and put her back into place. Just like Jake her acting ability really shone through and will be a huge asset to have going forward.

Scored | 24 |
Our Score | 6 |

Gregg & Aliona
Cha Cha to ‘Hot ’n’ Cold’ by Katy Perry

He looked as though he was giving his Cha Cha his best shot but did let a couple of mistakes and moments of hesitation spoil his enjoyment of the routine a little. It was flat throughout and timing was way off but you have to admire Gregg’s hard work and effort. Bless him, he really did try! Len worried he might have let over-practice ruin his flair and urged him to give it more next week.

Scored | 18 |
Our Score | 5 |

Frankie & Kevin
Waltz to ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele

Romantic, elegant, graceful – a beautiful, dreamy Waltz. She flowed exquisitely around the floor with neat footwork and stunning upper bodylines. It was light and immaculately placed throughout - we were certainly not disappointed with her one bit! They compliment each other perfectly and are without a doubt the ones to watch!

Scored | 30 | (Highest score overall)
Our Score | 8 |

Simon & Kristina
Cha Cha to Good Golly Miss Molly by Little Richard

Simon danced this Jive with ease and confidence and it all looked impressively natural. It was lively and full of rock ‘n’ rolling attack and character. Simon looked as though he was having fun so in turn the audience did too. Craig did point out a couple of areas for improvement but even he was impressed by Simon’s brilliant week one efforts.

Scored | 27 |
Our Score | 7 |

Quite possibly the strongest opening week of Strictly, ever! There’s nobody that doesn’t have the potential to improve and there’s a large handful that could easily be lifting that glitterball. Bring on next week!

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