The X Factor - Arena Auditions (One)

The Arena shows began on Saturday night and it was our first chance to see which of those that had impressed in the room could take the big step up and wow once more in the arena, it was also our chance to see some we’d never seen before.

Saturdays show managed to squeeze in a handful of great auditions amongst the montages, fleeting glances and adverts. Here’s what we thought…

James Graham

James came armed with enough hair products to rival Cheryl; and his mum. It wasn’t his first time at Wembley though, oh no, the last time he was there it was to see the wonderful Barney the Dinosaur LIVE! After a brief chat with the judges where we learnt he’s now fond of the little furry things he began his performance of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’. And holy-frickin-wow! We were only distracted by his voluptuous doo for about 3 seconds before we were like putty in his hands. James’s voice is clearly stolen from a butch angel and we can’t wait to hear more; much more!

Stevie Tennet & Charlie Brown

Both incredibly different performers who had great first auditions and similarly less the overwhelming arena auditions. Something never quite clicked for either of them and it was like watching a fat puppy trying to squeeze under a chair, you couldn’t quite tell if they were going to make it through. Luckily for both Stevie and Charlie the judges knew just how great they can be and gave them the required tally of yes’s they needed. Off to bootcamp they both go.

Paul Akister

We’re a little bit in love with Paul, and after his arena audition it may have grown to inappropriate levels. Before he sang there was plenty of warranted Louis bashing, with everyone, judges and audience included, berating him for his ridiculous decision to send Paul home last year. Despite Louis claiming he knew Paul wasn’t ready back then, blah blah blah, a year certainly has made a huge difference he’s clearly invested a lot of time in his appearance (we thought he looked pretty hot before) and his quiet confidence is calming to watch. Pauls performance of ‘Let’s Get It On’ blew us away, it was like watching a pro in action at his very own tour. Mel’s spot on, his voice is gold!

Lauren Platt

Lauren was so damn good Mel B even threatened violence! We’re certain that’s a compliment. When Lauren announced her song choice we were worried it was going to be a shouting fest but was blown away by her stunning unique arrangement of an iconic Whitney song. The Sam Smith inspired, stripped back, slowed down version suited her perfectly and showcased the type of artist Lauren could be. We can’t wait to hear what she’ll do next.

Saturdays show also saw us wave goodbye to Amy once again. She took on a huge song and in the daunting arena what she had just wasn’t enough. The shaky vocals didn’t impress anyone except Cheryl with Mel labeling her nice, which she was, but nice isn’t going to sell out arenas. Yes it was sad and disappointing but in the end the right decision was made. If we were Amy we’d definitely be a bit pissed off though watching the show back and seeing people who were much worse make it through. Damn those double standards.

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