The X Factor - Bootcamp, The Boys

Saturday was the boys’ turn and a big chuck of the Overs category. It wasn’t quite as dramatic and erratic as Cheryl’s attempt at decision-making but it sure had bags of talent.

Mel was up first to pick her final six boys and her approach couldn’t have been any more different to Cheryl’s, she was straight in there with the yawns, whispers of boring and no’s (please read with word No in Mel’s accent – thank you)

The Boys – Final Six

Jake Quickenden

If Jake hadn’t been given a seat the whole nation may well have rioted, or at the very least Mel would have been on the receiving end of some bad words. He gave another authentic and emotional performance that was perfectly on par with his other auditions. If he remains this consistent and then goes on to get better and better you’d be mad not to tip him for the big win.

Jordan Morris

We haven’t seen all too much of Jordan and the time he has been shown it’s been more of a fleeting glimpse. From what we can tell he’s pretty damn talented though and his song choice was refreshingly original. He’ll need a mind-blowing judges houses performance to catch-up with those we’ve known for a few weeks now. He does already have a huge fan base though so votes will never be a problem.

Danny Deardan

Danny is another we’ve barely seen, from memory I can’t even recall us getting even a peek of him during the early rounds. Even at bootcamp we’ve only heard a snippet, which is a shame, he sounded bloody great! We’ll assume his room and arena auditions were fantastic though as he seems to have done more than enough to impress Mel.

Jack Walton

He bonded with Mel during his room audition so he really lucked out having her as his mentor. We remember liking him the first time around but he’s already improved leaps and bounds. With that much improvement in just a few weeks, imagine what he’ll be able to do with a bit of guidance and more experience. Could be one to watch.

Andrea Faustini

The boys sitting at the side of the stage faces said everything. The moment Andrea started singing one of those seats was his; they were right to be worried. His voice is like heaven, if heaven were a growly delight of wow. A definite front-runner amongst the boys’ category, despite the fact we couldn’t spot a single piece of pug attire!

Paul Akister

How cruel to the other boys leaving Paul until last, there was no way he wasn’t getting a chair, in fact he deserved a specially upholstered thrown over one of those measly chairs. Two syllables in and you could picture Dermot announcing his name as the winner at Christmas, it’s his year, it has to be.

All in all Mel did a pretty damn good job; there was no faffing and no ‘to me, to you’ style chair changing. There was however one huge flaw in Mel’s final six boys, it lacked the beautiful Charlie Martinez-Hernandez; how could she deny the nation of his face?

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