SCD - The Couples 2014

Strictly season is well and truly underway. The celebs have been revealed, the red carpet has been shimmied down and the much-anticipated first show has been filmed. The first show is our chance to get a glimpse at the new batch of Strictly stars in action and it’s also when the all-important couples are revealed. 

Now because the show isn’t live secrets are never quite secret. If you want to know who’s paired with who, carry on reading, if you have patience (how do you get those?) and want to wait until Sunday then close your damn eyes…

Alison & Alijaz
Caroline & Pasha
Frankie & Kevin
Gregg & Aliona
Jake & Janette
Jennifer & Tristan
Judy & Anton
Mark & Karen
Pixie & Trent
Scott & Jo
Simon & Kristina
Steve & Ola
Sunetra & Brendan
Thom & Iveta
Tim & Natalie

We haven’t seen the show ourselves and as it isn’t live you can never really know for certain until you see it with your own eyes. However we’re 96% certain the above pairings are spot on. Make sure you’re watching on Sunday to see them all in action!

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