Geordie Shore - Episode Six.

Episode 6 saw the loveable Geordie folks head to Reykjavik or some place that has similar letter to that if you’re Gaz. There was sharing, more sharing, less sass and a case of fanny fright. Here’s what we learnt…

1. Pentagons are a bad shape.
2. There's nothing worse than when you go to work and it's full of cock... if you're Aaron.
3. When you've got treble Z tits you could wear flippers and nobody would notice. You might even be able to see the tips of your footwear for once.
4. We wouldn't even bet our broken Tamagotchi on Gaz not sleeping with his mates 'ex' let alone our car.
5. Geordie wonderland looked wondrous. Who needs a snowy mountain when you’ve got stairs?
6. Scott is leaving the ‘bunches of give a fucks’ business and branching out as the Mattress King.
7. Sassy holly set her lips on the new boy.
8. It’s so harmonious when they all learn to share. Kisses all round. Kyle is like the drunken auntie at a wedding, everyone gets a kiss.
9. James was the spotter... that was it.
10. The boys however can't share their toys even when they're already borrowing them. (Pretend that sentence makes sense)
11. Bye sassy Holly, hello again slutty Holly. Any male with a pulse has missed you.
12. Gaz's Leeds accent started off promising then went a little west. Kind of like Kim Kardashian’s life in reverse.
13. Gaz's plan for his Grandad was somewhat similar to his plans for random females. The ol’ In and out as quickly as possible.
14. For a moment we thought they'd found Vicky's Middle Eastern twin. Top tanning.
15. Much like Marnie we don't really listen to what Aaron says. We're too busy staring at his pretty face.
16. They hope for Ibiza and end up with Iceland. That's more of a let down than going home with Scotty and ending up sitting playing draughts with James.
17. The sky gods are excellent matchmakers. So says Kyle’s semi.
18. Iceland is just full of rubble.
19. Gaz came down with case of fanny fright.
20. The boys left the club with 3 girls each. Charlotte left with a hand full of straws. Iceland in a nutshell.

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