Born To Be Chilled

Grace and Danielle have been at the heart of a fair few TOWIE dramas over the past couple of series’ but other than the fact they’re pretty loud in an argument and well… that’s about it we don’t know too much about them. What we all know though, is that the most relaxed and revealing conversations happen over a drink so what better way to get to know Grace and Danielle a little better than over some fruity Carlsberg’s…

Check out the videos below of Grace and Danielle at Carlsberg ‘Born to be chilled’ BBQ…

Who knew Grace was actually a real life, properly trained, at a proper professional place, dancer! Plus she takes her mum along to places as her plus one… she just became so much more adorable.

We’re very much looking forward to checking out Danielle’s new shoe collection and counting down the days until the Ibiza TOWIE drama hits the headlines (it’s bound to happen).

Now somebody pass us a Carlsberg Blackcurrant!

Danielle and Grace enjoyed the refreshing great taste of Carlsberg Citrus and Blackcurrant at the Carlsberg Born to be Chilled BBQ. Keep up with more #BornToBeChilled events this summer by following @BornToBeChilled on Twitter or Instagram 

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