Geordie Shore - Episode Three.

Episode three and for a moment we thought we were watching the wrong show, there was romance and dates and feelings… then in burst Charlotte and normal service was resumed; thank god! Here’s what we learnt…

1. Gaz admitted he's in too deep with Marnie... Not just balls deep.
2. Anna sent them on a pub-crawl? How dare she the slave driving slag.
3. Aaron single handedly invented a new drunken Geordie language; geruff laaarp flups.
4. Gary is the new Charlotte.
5. Aaron passed his challenge and got that date with Holly. Gaz says tool, we say adorable.
6. Breaking news. Aaron fancies Vicky... Well he's only human after all.
7. James made an appearance; he handcuffed himself... that was it.
8. Then the egotistical prick version of James reared his ugly head during ‘I have never’.
9. Turns out Gaz is alright at cuddling. Shocking revelation considering he’s probably not had much practice.
10. Gaz actually made the decision he and Marnie shouldn't pull anyone else... nobody was threatening his car with a key either!
11. Romance... Dates... This isn't Geordie shore!
12. Charlotte is back!
13. The only thing more awkward than Charlotte walking in on the double date is Scott thinking his hair doesn’t look ridiculous.
14. You can't break ice that isn't there.
15. Charlotte and Holly’s relationship is a better love story than Twilight.
16. If we were passed out mortal we'd want Vicky as our chaperone.
17. Gaz had his wet dream come to life and he wasn't even there to see it.
18. His hissy fit made Gaz 52% less attractive.

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