Tumble - Show Three.

Week three at Tumble HQ brought more twists and turns than a day at Thorpe Park, along with two brand new challenges: trampolines and ribbons.

This week each of the remaining celebrities had to master either rhythmic gymnastics or using a trampoline in their routines. After a lively opening number (with very colourful balls) it was time to Tumble.

The ‘trampolinists’ went first followed by the ‘rhythmics.’  Here’s what happened on the show-floor.

Carl Froch and Sita Bhuller

Music: Bamboleo (Gypsy Kings)
Costumes: Sita: Red crop top and black shorts. Carl: Very little! Red Matador trousers and cape
Apparatus/prop: Trampoline.
Summary in ten words: Spanish bullfight, lots of jumping but some clumsy landings.

Judges feedback: Amazing front and back somersaults, good job.
Judges score: 29.5/40
Our score: 28/40

‘H’ from Steps and Holly Johnstone

Music: Feel So Close (Calvin Harris)
Costumes: Holly: Lilac floral leotard. H: Lilac top and floral short with face paint.
Apparatus/prop: Trampoline
Summary in ten words: Surfboards, leaping, character, and the odd stumble but very brave

Judges feedback: Difficult routine with brave crash dives, shaky start and not his best performance.
Judges score: 26.5/40
Our score: 29/40

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Billy George

Music: The Only Way Is Up (Yazz)
Costumes: Lucy:  A deep pink cat suit and sparkly chest line. Billy: Coral pink blazer, shirt and shorts.
Apparatus/prop: Trampoline
Summary in ten words: Lively, fun love story with glitz, glamour, flips and rhythm.

Judges feedback: Great flips, most improved contestant. Lucy’s got a gymnast inside her waiting to get out. Loved it!
Judges score: 29.5/40
Our score: 30/40

Peter Duncan and Kate McWilliam

Music: Jump Around (House of Pain)
Costumes: Blue and orange wrestler outfits
Apparatus/prop: Trampoline
Summary in ten words: Comical jumping, lots of flying around but fun helicopter move.

Judges feedback: Loved the performance, lots of improvement, versatile performer but slight loss of concentration.
Judges score: 29.5/40
Our score: 30/40

Sarah Harding and Leon Fagbemi

Music: Burn (Ellie Goulding)
Costumes: Sarah: Pink cat suit and armbands. Leon: Matching pink trousers.
Apparatus/prop: None. Trampoline
Summary in ten words: Pink, lots of petals, great somersaults but slightly dodgy finish.

Judges feedback: Well done for going for the back somersault, slightly more control needed.
Judges score: 26.5/40
Our score: 27/40

Amelle Berrabah and Doug Fordyce

Music: These Boots Were Made for Walking (Nancy Sinatra)
Costumes: Amelle: Blue top, brown tassel choker, brown leather shorts. Doug: Open leather look top and matching trousers.
Apparatus/prop: Rhythmic floor routine, with lasso.
Summary in ten words: Wild West and lasso-tastic, great tumbles with little stumble.

Judges feedback: Has been better in rehearsal, noticeable mistakes but good job and challenging routine.
Judges score: 24/40
Our score: 25/40

Emma Samms and Ivan Pastor

Music: Ghost (Ella Henderson)
Costumes: Emma: Cobalt blue sequinned cat suit and mermaid style plaits with hair band. Ivan: Matching blue sequinned top and leggings.
Apparatus/prop: Rhythmic floor routine, with ball.
Summary in ten words: Underwater adventure, more hits than misses with another balletic theme.

Judges feedback: Beautiful routine, nice but not very exciting.
Judges score: 23.5/40
Our score: 25/40

John Partridge and Kat Would

Music: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (The Clash)
Costumes: Kat: Long sleeved, snow leopard print crop top and matching shorts. John: Gold, glitzy tank top and white skinny jeans.
Apparatus/prop: Rhythmic floor routine with clubs.
Summary in ten words: Tricky Rock ‘n’ Roll routine, done with attack.  Dropped prop.

Judges feedback: Great energy, minor mistakes, artistic and dynamic.
Judges score: 30/40
Our score: 29/40

Bobby Lockwood and Kristin Allen

Music: Everybody Get Up (Five)
Costumes: Kristin: Green and blue cheerleader outfit. Bobby: Green and yellow tank top and shorts.
Apparatus/prop: Rhythmic floor routine, with basketballs.
Summary in ten words: Energetic, American high-school themed routine with good use of prop.

Judges feedback: Brilliant, good acrobatics and coordination. This pair is ready for Vegas!
Judges score: 32/40
Our score: 31/40

So Bobby came top closely followed by John Partridge but it was Emma who was now left to face Amelle in the dreaded vault-off.

Whilst they prepared, we were treated to girl band The Saturdays performing a medley some of their greatest hits and dancing with some fit topless male gymnasts somersaulting around them.

Vault off no. 1 – Amelle Barrabah

A speedy run up, good take off, round-off vault landed straight down the middle with very little wobble.

Vault off no. 2 – Emma Samms

A solid run up, well executed take off, confident straddle jump and landed immaculately.

Judge Nina Comaneci had the deciding vote once more and opted to save Amelle after saying Emma’s vault was less impressive.

Emma Samms therefore became the second celeb to leave the competition and was presented with a bouquet by Ivan and her coach Phil.  Fair play to the lady – she did herself very proud during her stint on the show and her pointe ballet routine last week was stunning!

Crikey - these women are dropping like flies! We’re thinking the playing field may be evened out next week as the first male contestant is voted out. Who’s with us?

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