CBB - Coming Up, Day 2.

Day two in the Big Brother house…

The first full day and the celebs are bonding. Kellie and Dee chat about life, Dee comments that being on TV has changed her life in both good and negative ways. Kellie shares that she feels she’s both won and lost her battle with her gender issues.

Kellie and Audley work out and she offers him some tips.

Gary says what we’ve all been thinking and asks Frenchy to speak slower as he can’t understand her (we wonder if he had that problem when they were dating?)

The Duchess is served breakfast by her butler and Audley isn’t happy he’s burnt the toast; the Duchess states that she likes a ‘bit of colour on her bread’.

David and Stephanie have a plank off.

James predicts people will begin to get offended by Gary after a few days.

As Duchess, Dee honours Frenchy with the title of ‘Viscountess of Solihull’. Frenchy tells Big Brother that it’s an honour but wonders if she has to keep her clothes on as a Viscountess?

Dee passes her task and the housemates enjoy a ‘right royal knees up.’

Kellie asks Stephanie about her wild childhood.

Leslie dons some white surgical gloves to go through the fake Duchess’ suitcase of clothes. James mimes taking his trousers down, saying: ‘And assume the position.’ Gary walks into this scene and says to James: ‘You are gay aren’t you?’ James tries to explain to Gary that he is not gay but has lots of gay friends and is comfortable enough in his sexuality to camp it up.

Gary then asks James if he is not afraid ‘to get butt-fucked’ and James replies: ‘I’ve never hit a seventy year old before.’ Gary then tells the group that James has a little Vaseline tube in every part of his luggage. James then loses his sense of fun about the situation and tells Gary to listen to him, not interrupt him and look at him when he’s talking.

James finally tells Gary that he ‘should be careful what you say, you might be seventy years old but be careful what you say.’

Gary and James go outside to clear the air where Gary tells James that he ‘didn’t mean to harm or defame him.’ Gary says that he didn’t understand the routine of negativity and restriction within which he operates. James admits maybe he took it the wrong way and they shake hands.

Ricci and David have a chat about the females in the house and David thinks that Lauren and Stephanie will be fighting over Ricci as he’s the only single guy (we doubt that)

Lauren and Ricci have a flirt at the dinner table and Ricci says: ‘C’est la vie.’ He then clarifies with Frenchy what it actually means.

Gary has a big chat in the garden… with himself.

Some of the Housemates are in the garden playing scissors, paper, stone. The loser has to get into bed with Gary, who is asleep. Ricci loses and has to get into bed with a sleeping Gary who then wakes up and looks a bit confused.

Stephanie asks George who he would rather have kill him, David or Gary. George says both, as then it would be over quickly.

9pm | Channel 5

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