MIC NYC - Episode Two.

Our main thought going into episode two of MIC NYC was, WHAT THE HELL HAS MYTTON DONE?! Well, now know! Here’s what else we learnt…

1. Stevie lost his pretzel virginity and the whole eperience was a bit dry... no ideal.
2. Proudlock is still 100% effortlessly cool. Like a beautifully toned Eskimo.
3. Spencer may have stolen our ‘raindrop noise’ party trick, but can he tie a cherry stem in a knot with his tongue?
4. Louise and Rosie had a double semi-blind date with Alik and newbie model/film maker Jules Hamilton.
5. Jules is a beautifully odd creature.
6. Mark and Victoria managed to make going to church seem fashionable. I wonder if there's an activity they couldn't make look fabulous?
7. A new brunette Riley has suddenly appeared out of knowhere.
8. Legohead is in New York to play with his bois. Binky looked like she’d rather sit on a cactus then go meet him.
9. New York is such a small place, what are the odds of Lucy sitting on the same bench as newbie Jules. It’s a convenient case of serendipity.
10. Much like Proudlock we are firmly team Stefan!
11. When Jamie read the text about naughty Mytton he looked like someone had just pissed on his snapback collection. Spenny then followed up with a ‘this water isn’t room temperature, the horror’ expression.
12. Alex isn’t capable of looking people in the eye when being confronted, can someone tell him medusa isn’t real, bless him.
13. Jamie and Alex’s break-up has to be one of the most heartbreaking in MIC history, the love for his boi could be seen draining from his teary face.
14. The only explanation for Mytton trying it on with Tara was that he assumed him and Jamie were on a break.

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