CBB - Coming up... Day 6.

Day 6 in the Big Brother house…

Leslie thinks Kellie should come to him and apologise however Stephanie tells him he should go to Kellie stating how upset she was last night.

Kellie returns to the house after a visit to the diary room and gets a hug from Dee. Kellie reflects on the previous night and her row with Leslie and says: ‘I can’t believe I was nice to that little twerp.’ Kellie observes that Leslie is a full time actor and know how to play the game. Kellie resolves to kill Leslie with kindness but when she gets the chance to nominate…

Edele is exercising in the garden and sees Gary have a fall and rushes over to help.

Kellie and Leslie have a chat and Kellie tells him that she feels that he stabbed her in the back. Leslie says: ‘Oh honey that’s so not true.’ Kellie asks Leslie how he could have said she was the least entertaining and starts to cry. Leslie says: ‘You’re not here for entertainment; you’re here to be Kellie, that’s not entertainment.’ Kellie adds: ‘I could have squashed you so easy but I don’t want to do that.’

Ricci talks to Dee about having the balls to speak to Lauren, Dee suggests he isn’t an overly confident person and Ricci answers: ‘When it’s someone you like, it’s different.’

David makes an ice pack for Gary’s knee which he injured during his earlier fall. Gary says that it needs more than ice and David calls him ‘ungrateful.’ David then takes Gary into the bedroom to pack his knee but Gary bats him away saying: ‘I’ve been doing this a long time.’ David says: ‘I’ll leave you to it.’ and calls him a prick as he walks away.

Audley makes up with James and James tells him: ‘I think you’re a great guy man.’ James does mention that George honestly has a problem with his name and that he meant no offence either.

After his chat with James, Audley suggets from now on George calls him ‘H’. George is relieved and says: ‘It’ll come out when I’m drunk and I don’t want to piss you off.’

Kellie goes to the Diary Room and is warned by Big Brother about her behaviour with Leslie the previous evening.

Claire asks Gary if he was in the film ‘Piranha’. Gary says he was in the first eight minutes, which was a relief when he saw the rest of the film.

After her warning, Kellie apologises to Leslie.

The three least entertaining Housemates voted for in a public poll, Edele, David and Claire must showcase their talents for Leslie to avoid being put on the Scrap Heap.

Claire performs her own take on Romeo and Juliet.

David, whose talent is his physical fitness with a dash of go-go dancer.

Edele performs ‘C’est La Vie.’

Leslie picks David to send to the Scrap Heap and says: ‘That bum, I can’t be around it any longer.’

Ricci, George and Lauren are chatting about what Lauren finds attractive. She says that George will 100% get a girlfriend because of his personality. She also says that she doesn’t fancy Essex boys anymore then focuses on Ricci and tells him his body is ‘immense.’ Ricci answers: ‘We are definitely going places.’

Ricci asks Lauren if she has ever been to Paris and she says no. He then says he will take her as Paris it’s: ‘F**king sick.’ Lauren says she will want to sleep in separate rooms as she thinks Ricci will try it on with her. Ricci exclaims: ‘I like you! I’m going to put that out there.’ He adds that when you meet the right person you know and that he wants to settle down and give his parents grandchildren.

Ricci further talks about his feelings for Lauren with David. He says: ‘If I’m making myself look a dick, then I’m doing it.’

James can’t sleep because of Leslie’s loud snoring so goes into the garden to talk to Lauren and asks her if her feelings have changed towards Ricci. He tells her that Ricci knows how to treat a lady and Lauren says: ‘Maybe I should give him a chance.’ James tells her: ‘You could do a lot worse.’


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