Strictly Come Dancing - The Line Up.

We can already hear the sound of disco balls being dusted off, spray tan machines whirring up and the band coming out of hibernation. The leaves are beginning to crisp on the trees, temperatures have dropped slightly and the shops have begun selling Christmas cards.

It must be almost time for the return of Strictly!

Here's the bloody fabulous line up...

Frankie Bridge confirmed

Yes, The Saturday’s singer and WAG will definitely be taking part and has apparently always loved the show and wanted to be a part of it. This bodes well for Frankie; fans love a fellow fan.

Chances of winning: Frankie is no novice when it comes to dancing, so we’d have bets on her making the final especially with an army of fans and hugely likeable personality.

Judy Murrayconfirmed

Mum to tennis legend Andy was the second celeb to be confirmed by the BBC and she thinks it will be a big challenge for both her and her professional partner.

Chances of winning: Probably not that high but we reckon she’ll give it a good go. She’ll perhaps be around week until 4 or 5.

Mark Wright  – confirmed

He'd been buzzing around the press for a while with debates about whether he'd be joining the line up. Mark was allegedly keen to have a go so has been snapped up and confirmed, another shirtless contender.

Chances of winning: Mark will be popular just like he was on I’m A Celebrity so he’ll get the votes. If he’s got even an ounce of rhythm he could breeze to the final.

Alison Hammondconfirmed

Former Big Brother housemate turned TV presenter, Alison has already done stints on Celebrity Fit Club, I’m a Celebrity and Celebrity Masterchef so is now giving the dance floor a try. We’ve seen her bust some moves on the telly before and she’s got rhythm!

Chances of winning: We think she’ll be similar to Lisa Riley two years ago and surprise everyone by how good she really is.

Thom Evansconfirmed

Kelly Brook’s Scottish rugby playing ex has also been confirmed after speculation in many a news article. His participation in the show was announced alongside a comedy Vine of him swapping a rugby ball for a be-glittered version. Smooth… just like his chest will be when the fabulous costume department forget to give him a top.

Chances of winning: Fair. We imagine him being much like Matt Dawson was all those series’ ago. Plus he’s not ugly – so the ladies will pick up their phones to vote!

Simon Webbeconfirmed

All rise for the boy from Blue who’s turning his hand (and feet) to the world of dance. A little surprise here as Simon wasn’t mentioned in any rumour articles and the first we heard about him was the confirmation from the BBC. Having seen him bop around a little with Blue we know he can move so we have high hopes.

Chances of winning: not bad at all, the guys got rhythm. Hopefully he won’t be too cool for school and he’ll throw his all into the show.

Sunetra Sarker - Confirmed

Casualty favourite and ex-Brookside actress Sunetra is the seventh star to be confirmed by the beeb. Again, this booking is another sneaky surprise as she wasn't mentioned in any main press rumours but we're happy to have her all the same.

Chances of winning: Hard to say. Sunetra hasn't done much dancing before but we can imagine her taking to it pretty well.

Jake Wood - Confirmed

Walford's own Max Branning will officially be gracing the dance floor in a few weeks time. He'll follow in the twinkle-toed footsteps of Scott Maslen and Charlie Brooks before him because after all, it's not a proper series of Strictly without an Eastie now is it?!

Chances of winning: Fair. We think he'll go far and at least make it to Blackpool.

Steve Backshall - Confirmed

Best known for CBBC’s popular wildlife programme, ‘Deadly 60’ (no, us neither) Steve is more at home with great white sharks, cobras and crocodiles than spotlights and glitter.  Steve said: “My day job filming wildlife in jungles and swamps is nothing like as scary as what is ahead. I think Strictly Come Dancing is going to be my wildest challenge by far!” We shall soon see...

Chances of winning: pretty slim but full marks for effort.

Scott Mills - confirmed

Everyone's favourite Radio One presenter Scott Mills revealed he was taking part in this years Strictly live on air whilst speaking to Craig Revel Horwood. His colleagues and listeners were apparently pretty shocked to hear it!

“My listeners are so used to me playing pranks that they’re probably going to think this is just another one,” he joked. “It’s not, I really am doing this!"

Chances of winning: We doubt he'll win but he won't be first out either. We'd put a bet on him lasting at least until week four or five.

Pixie Lott - confirmed

It has gone a little quiet on the Pixie front lately and now we know why...she's been preparing for a stint on the dance floor. She's kept it all very hush hush and now we can't help wondering something - what would her mama do?! (Crap joke!)

Chances of winning: good, she's a trained dancer so that will go in her favour with the judges scores but sometimes the voting public don’t take to those with dancing experience.

Caroline Flack confirmed

The former Xtra Factor host is jumping ship to the show’s main rival!  Oh the controversy, we bet ex-boss Simon isn't too pleased. Well, she probably hasn't got many other plans for the autumn; so it's plain sense really.

Chances of winning: we say good! She'll be gorgeous and popular with viewers who'll pick up their phones and vote for her.

Gregg Wallace – confirmed

Similar to Thom, Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace was buzzing around the press rumour mill in July but we didn't hear much more until his confirmation. We're not too sure how he'll fare when he trades in his spatula for sequins but we're pretty excited about it.

Chances of winning: We can't see him winning one bit (sorry to be blunt!) He'll be more of a Dave Myers type character - likeable but not that good.

Jennifer Gibney - Confirmed

Star of Mrs Brown's Boys Jenny has always wanted to dance on TV and there's no better way of doing that than giving Strictly a try. She said: “As a child I wrote to Blue Peter asking could I dance with Pan's People. Now at last I get a chance to earn my badge - excited doesn't cover it!!" Bless!

Chances of winning: Tricky one...she'll probably be good at the ballroom numbers but score lower on her latin. Unlikely to win but won't be out first either.

Tim Wonnacott - Confirmed

Bargain Hunt's bespectacled antique lover from is taking to the floor and we canny wait to see how he gets on. We can't quite imagine him having much coordination but think he'll have us on his side as he gives it his best shot.

Chances of winning: Erm, no not really. Probably out first or second.

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