CBB - The Rumour Run Down

The summer civilian series is over (thank god) and it’s time for the next batch of ‘Celebrity’ housemates to takeover. There’s been rumour after rumour popping up practically since the superb January edition ended, some ridiculous, some hopeful and some that have come out of nowhere. There’s even been an ‘official’ line-up ‘leaked’, but with CBB you can never be certain until they walk through those doors. Here’s a run down of the rumoured housemates and just how likely they are to sign themselves up for a few weeks of madness…

White Dee – Very likely.

White Dee was strongly rumoured to be appearing in the January edition of CBB and since she didn’t enter the house her name has been linked to the show every time it’s mentioned. Her management has refused to confirm or deny anything for weeks and with a big paycheck reportedly offered we think she’s a dead cert. to be entering the house.

Gary Busey – Looking less likely.

Rumoured in recent weeks to be the token American and it all sounded very plausible. However he’s not featured in any leaked line-ups. He has all the traits of a classic American import the CBB producers love but it’s these traits that could easily lead to any deal falling through.

Claire King – Looking more likely.

A brand new rumour that’s been picking up pace over the weekend. Her name seems to have appeared out of nowhere but recent years have taught us there are always some last minute additions nobody had even thought of. She hasn’t graced our screens in a while (well not in anything we watch) and it’d be a nice profile boost. We hope she goes in.

Lauren Socha – Looking less likely

Unfortunately it’s looking less likely, but we remain hopeful. Lauren has been rumoured for a couple of months now and it sounded as though the deal was done, but her name is notably absent from many leaked lists. She’d make a fantastic CBB housemate and would certainly be one of the ones we’d be looking forward to seeing. Fingers crossed.

Lauren Goodger – Very likely

Along with White Dee she’s almost a dead cert. to be entering the house. Rumoured for months with little to no denial it seems a done deal. She’s always looking for a way to hit the headlines, whether it’s with a stolen bum selfie or a dig at ex Mark Wright; Big Brother is perfect for her.

George Gilbey – Very Likely

He’s been consistently rumoured since the beginning of the year and it looks as though he’s on his way through those infamous doors. The Googlebox star is of the classic CBB mould; famous for just being himself, star of a hugely popular show and someone to make the more ‘out there’ celebrities look that extra bit crazy. We love George and we feel like we know exactly what we can expect from him, if he does enter the house he’s bound to be in the final.

Stephanie Pratt – Very likely

Possibly one of the rumours we’re most excited about. We adore Stephanie Pratt. She’s been rumoured for months perhaps slightly under the radar compared to a few others but it’s one which has been picking up pace in recent days. Her brother Spencer graced the house with wife Heidi last year and normally if somebody knows someone who’s been there and done it they’re all the more likely to go ahead and give it a go themselves. Fingers crossed Stephanie is our token American.

James Jordan – Looking more likely

With his Strictly exit confirmed Mr. Jordan would make the perfect housemate. He’s not shy of voicing his opinion, he’s cheeky, easy on the eye and he brings a whole new audience of fans along with him. Never would have had him down as the type to take part in a show like Big Brother but that stance can easily change with circumstance these days.

Michael LeVell – Unlikely

A rumour that didn’t quite gather pace and has recently petered out. He fits the Big Brother housemate blue print perfectly and with some time to kill before he heads back to the cobbles it would have made perfect sense.

Lettice Rowbottham – Looking less likely

The second she stepped on the Britain’s Got Talent stage we proclaimed she’d make the perfect Big Brother housemate. It’s looking like this rumour stemmed from everyone thinking very much the same thing. A rumour born out of wish more than actual facts. We’re still hopeful she might end up in there, she’d definitely be unique but in reality it’s looking less and less likely.

David McIntoshKellie MaloneyRicci GuarnaccioAudley Harrison – Looking very likely.

All the above are fairly new rumours that all feature on the ‘leaked’ line-up so it’s looking increasingly likely they’ll be heading into the house.

Kelly Brook’s handsome arm candy David has been rumoured a touch longer than the others and it’ll be a great opportunity for him to boost his profile and not just be known as the muscle clad one dating Kelly Brook.

Kellie Maloney is easily one of the newest rumours, only recently hitting the headlines and with a gigantic paycheck rumoured to have been offered it’s no real surprise.

Ricci is another we’ve not seen rumoured until very recently, he’s appeared in hit MTV shows Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach but hasn’t always come out smelling of roses. It’s the perfect opportunity for him to change a few minds and he’s no stranger to reality telly.

Audley Harrison again one of those newly rumoured in the ‘leaked’ line-up. It wouldn’t be CBB without a former sportsman would it?

Does this line-up fill you with expectant joy or upcoming disappointment? Which of these would you like to see in the house and which are you hoping it just a distant rumour?

CBB kicks off Monday night!

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